November 09, 2022

Crypto Social Media Forums To Know

As a result of its usefulness in facilitating interpersonal communication and providing novel venues for disseminating information in a timely and organized fashion, social media has quickly become an integral part of everyone's daily routine.

As a result, most people invest considerable time into social media, which has become a significant driver of economic activity.

Crypto Social Media Forums To Know: eAskme
Crypto Social Media Forums To Know: eAskme

Social media behemoths such as Facebook, Twitter, plus Google produce trillions of dollars in revenue each year.

However, this means they ultimately regulate and control the content users see on their site.


Nowadays, blockchain is among the most talked-about and innovative technologies out there. It seems like every year; we find yet another use for blockchain.

Blockchain technology can be used in many other fields, including the financial sector, the music industry, the media, and even the food industry.

We'll delve further into how blockchain has altered the social media landscape by walking you through the nine most prominent crypto-centric networks.


Torum is a SocialFi (Social + DeFi + NFT) Metaverse environment for bitcoin users. It's like Facebook and Twitter together. The token rewards frequent users.

Users can gift coins for high-quality content. This network offers goal-oriented company sites and clans.

Torum has LinkedIn-like features, allowing you to connect with individuals and businesses, add team members, and post. It's user-friendly.

Search for users, new friends, clans, and companies. Torum lacks a mobile app but has a mobile-friendly browser.

Huobi Ventures, U21, & Consensus Lab are among Torum's 20 investors.

It's the first social media platform for bitcoin enthusiasts and an NFT+DeFi system with 20% monthly user growth.


Eron Wolf, developer of Yahoo Games and WhatsApp's initial investor, founded Minds to promote open communication and bitcoin income.

Minds is a cutting-edge social media platform that gives users prizes and enhances privacy restrictions. This accessible network emphasizes privacy and avoids advertising data mining.

Futo awarded Minds $10 million in June 2021.

Minds have 15 million registered users, rapid conversation, and money opportunities, making it a viable option for Twitter and other social media networks.

It's mobile-friendly and includes YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter capabilities.

No one is restricted or censored on Minds.

You can gain tokens by uploading content or interacting with others.

Viewing your feed or liking someone's post earns you points.

Create a blog post or share an interesting link to gain extra.

Promote your work with tokens. One token gives a post 1,000 impressions.

If your post gets more engagement and readers find it interesting, you can repay the price of boosting it and possibly make a profit.

Since the coins are only on the testnet, calculating their value is tricky.


Many think DTube is better than YouTube. Because DTube is comparable to YouTube, experts believe users will learn quickly.

DTube has no ads, unlike YouTube. Users may think DTube is better than its 17-year-old competition.

DTube's search results are relevant to your question and unaffected by consolidated search engine algorithms. They decentralized video search.

DTube rewards active users. You can get compensated based on video likes and comments as a content provider. Users appreciate each comment at USD 0.05.


Ignite is a distributed microblogging site created to be independent. The project's founders built it on The Prometheus Framework, prioritizing speed, security, and decentralization.

Ignite is inspired by free expression, censorship, and anonymity. It helps the public share reviews and opinions on the site without feeling suppressed.

Prometheus can sell user data in multiple ways. However, some trading sites like bitsoft360 further assist investors with finance management strategies and crypto alerts.


Social media users, many of whom were getting weary of the ordeal, have discovered a simple solution.

There will be no more restrictions on speech, no more attempts to moderate minority opinions, and no more worries about users' personal information being compromised.

The age of cryptocurrency-based social media sites is here.

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