November 09, 2022

The Amalgamation of Cryptocurrency Into Modern Day Social Media

There's a lot of excitement these days about digital currencies. My developer pals were the only ones interested in this topic in 2024.

And seemingly instantly, Bitcoin and cryptocurrency became mainstream.

The Amalgamation of Cryptocurrency Into Modern Day Social Media: eAskme
The Amalgamation of Cryptocurrency Into Modern Day Social Media: eAskme

The popularity (and thus the value) of cryptocurrencies can be attributed mainly to their integration with social media.

In this piece, we'll discuss why social networking has become so crucial to the growth of cryptocurrencies and which features of these platforms have contributed most to this surge in popularity.

The Usage of Social Media Via Trade Exchanges:

The surge of cryptocurrency's appeal on social media is only partially attributable to the currencies themselves.

Exchanges, marketplaces for buying and selling cryptocurrencies, keep their audiences up to date on the latest developments in the blockchain currency market.

Let's check over the social media strategies a few popular bitcoin markets employs to increase user interaction.

Customer Care & Alerting:

Whether or not an exchange maintains a social media presence specifically for customer service, they use these platforms to direct users in the appropriate direction.

Take Bittrex, a real-time trading blockchain system that warns consumers of a possible scam via Twitter and directs them to their main website.

Also, the Korean cryptocurrency exchange Bithumb used Twitter to inform its customers about its reaction to a security breach.

However, there is trade software like Biticodes to assist investors with the latest cryptocurrency alerts.

Security Concerns:

In all circumstances, brands create confidence by addressing security issues.

This is vital because crypto is new to many consumers, and locating reliable sources and tools can take time and effort.

Discussions that often deal with complex support topics have norms and criteria for what to say.

Sprout Social's saved replies can store whole responses or snippets to slot into a more elaborate or customized response.

This ensures consistency when your customer service team is reassuring customers rapidly.

Industrial Updates:

The crypto community enjoys staying current.

Users are waiting for any upgrade since Bitcoin, and other cryptocurrencies skyrocketed.

Social media has been great for crypto/blockchain brands.

They can utilize the hype to boost engagement with one update.

This post about internal platform news generated a lot of engagement.

Imagine the engagement cryptocurrency-related news and updates could receive.

Hiring & Employee Appreciation:

Social media presence is about more than just the end-user. Tech companies are using social media to locate exceptional personnel.

When you share your jobs on social media, you're not only raising engagement and exposure of the job you've got available, but you're also exposing it to a small number of individuals who are likely more enthusiastic about it than someone who found it on Monster.

Discounts & Offers:

Providing a discount as part of a social media exchange is another popular method of increasing interaction. Additionally, it has a high-efficiency ratio.

Our site has much information about how to use promotional pricing and other innovative approaches to benefit your own business.

In the increasingly competitive cryptocurrency exchange market, attractive bonuses and promotions can help set apart certain brands and entice customers to choose a specific platform.


As recently as 2009, just a tiny fraction of the population knew that decentralized currency existed.

The knowledge of cryptocurrency has grown from a mailing list with a 2,000 audience to one of today's most essential online topics.

Nonetheless, the influence of social media is highly affirmative when it comes to the crypto world.

The online buzz is primarily driven by well-known publications, influential figures in the sector, and the currencies themselves.

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