July 08, 2019

Successful Strategies for Essay Writers: Tips and Tricks

Anyone can learn to write an academic essay with the help of some basics. An educational essay must provide a debatable, solid thesis.

Make sure to support each fact with relevant evidence from other resources.

Successful Strategies for Essay Writers: Tips and Tricks: eAskme
Successful Strategies for Essay Writers: Tips and Tricks: eAskme

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If you want to become a successful essay writer, here are some ideas to create persuasive, valuable papers.

Start Your Work with an Outline

Before writing an academic essay, you must understand the importance of your topic. To narrow down an essay, you have to create an argument.

With this argument, you can create a basic outline. The structure of an academic essay must have these elements:
  • Introduction to write a thesis
  • The conclusion to tie every fact together.
  • Connect it to your thesis.
For an essay, you must include almost three solid points to support your thesis.

Use external academic resources to increase the credibility of your essay.

Basic Style, Grammar and Punctuation

To write flawless essays, you must have a solid understanding of grammar, punctuation, and style.

These elements are incredibly essential to design a comprehensive document. You will need a solid understanding of grammar and sentence structure.

The basics of grammar include a subject and verb agreement, pronoun and proper article usage and perfect sentence structures.

Understand the accurate uses of common punctuation forms.

Mindfully use comma and period to make your document understandable.

For academic writing, you have to pay attention to voice.

Make sure to prefer active voice over passive voice. For instance, you must write “research proved” because it is better than “it was proved by research”. It can help you to write an essay in a stronger tone. Use concise language and avoid unnecessary transition words. Remember, unnecessary words can make your argument weak.

Pay Attention to the Right Vocabulary

Language of an essay is essential to make it impressive and robust. Try to persuade your readers with an intellectual argument.

You must not use big words to sound intelligent and smart. It may result in opposite effects.

Remember, a reader can detect overcompensation in writing.

If you are not sure about the meaning of a word, you must not write it. In this way, you can decrease the risk of incorrect words.

Use of obscure language may affect the clarity of an argument. Make sure to consider this fact before pulling out the thesaurus.

You must not choose a word because it looks beautiful. Remember, a wrong word can completely change the meaning of a sentence.

Understand an Argument

When writing an essay, you have to understand the argument. It will help you to analyze the evidence critically.

Sometimes, side notes can decrease the conciseness of your documents.

Before adding evidence in your essay, you must analyze it critically.

You have to ensure if it can support your thesis. Exclude every unsupported evidence.

Before adding anything in your essay, make sure it must have a strong connection with your argument and topic.


Writers often overlook the end of academic essays.

Remember, a conclusion must tie your research together to support your thesis.

You must not copy a part of your thesis. Moreover, it must not be a rewriting of introduction.

With a strong conclusion, you can outline the main evidence in the body of an academic essay.

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