July 08, 2019

Expert Tips to Write a Research Paper: Short Guide

Everyone has to write a research paper during his/her academic career. During the writing process, you may feel overwhelmed. It is necessary to complete your research paper professionally to get better grades.

If you want to write an academic paper successfully, you have to understand the requirements.

Expert Tips to Write a Research Paper: Short Guide: eAskme
Expert Tips to Write a Research Paper: Short Guide: eAskme

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Carefully read instructions and feel free to share your queries with the supervisor.

For professional assistance, I prefer to do my paper online.

These professionals can guide beginners to write a term or research paper.

Here are some expert tips for writing a research paper.

Pick an Interesting Topic

In the first step, you can to pick an interesting topic. If the topic is already available, use different academic resources to start writing.

Even a general topic needs proper research.

Before you begin writing, understand the subject of an assignment.

Feel free to visit the library of your school to find the necessary resources.

Collect some notebooks and index cards for record keeping.

You can record title of book, article, and name of author n APA or MLA format.

Start reading different articles and books.

Feel free to write necessary quotes and facts on a notebook.

Create a Good Outline

To make your writing easy, start your work with an outline.

With the help of an outline, you can shortlist essential ideas.

It will help you to keep track of writing. A thorough framework is necessary for your guidance.

After preliminary reading, you can draw up an outline or a mind map.

Feel free to include essential, provocative, and interesting points.

Include your ideas about a topic.

With a mind map, you can create questions and find answers to these questions.

It is possible to revise your mind map to reorganize a research paper.

Formulate Your Thesis

You have to write a focused and well-defined thesis statement.

Remember, you can revise this statement later.

You must have sufficient time to craft a thesis statement.

It may help you to control the development and direction of the entire paper.

Researching Facts

Start your work with heavy-duty research, such as newspaper articles, reference books, electronic databases, and library books.

Make sure to write down each source on an index card.

You have to write publication information for works cited APA (bibliography) or MLA page. Note down important facts, details, examples, and points.

You must distinguish between paraphrasing and direct quotes.

Remember, an expert opinion is necessary to support your written material.

You must not rely on internet sources only.

These may vary widely in authority and quality.

Sometimes, this information disappears before completing a paper.

Avoid copy and paste from other sources because plagiarism is not acceptable.

Rethinking and Drafting

After gathering and reading plenty of information, you have to revise or expand your outline or mind map by adding explanations and information.

Visit a library to get the necessary information. Start your paper with an introduction and support the content of body with systematic and logical facts.

After completing your paper, read and revise it to organize each idea. Your paper must have a strong thesis statement.

Make sure to paraphrase and quote accurately. A final draft must have an introduction and conclusion.

With a strong introductory paragraph, you can impress your readers.

Carefully proofread your paper after completing a final draft.   

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