November 30, 2022

9 Ways to Blow Up on SoundCloud

By Sona Mathews

A certain audio distribution platform is getting extremely popular online, and music creators seeking fame often use it to post their tracks.

The goal for many artists is to blow up on SoundCloud to achieve popularity and earn money through their music.

9 Ways to Blow Up on SoundCloud: eAskme
9 Ways to Blow Up on SoundCloud: eAskme

It’s a great idea for upcoming rappers or other artists to share audio on this channel and try to get big because most music careers start here. 

Once you get lots of streams, your fame will spread to other places, and you can monetize your music.

Getting your music tracks heard by lots of people in this online community isn’t an overnight process, but with our strategies, you will surely see success.

Read on for a guide full of tips and tricks to help you promote your SoundCloud and gain fame on the platform.

How to Blow Up on SoundCloud?

Building up your SoundCloud fanbase can take a long time if you aren’t using the correct methods.

Follow these guidelines, and you’ll see your streaming numbers increase rapidly:

1. Define and Analyze Your Target Audience:

SoundCloud allows you to look at your music’s analytics to see who is listening to your tracks.

Using this data is essential to blowing up on SoundCloud because it allows you to understand the demographic that listens to your music.

With this knowledge, you can tailor your music to your audience’s interests.

Fans will take notice and love your music even more, leading to them becoming devoted listeners who share your music around and look forward to each of your releases.

2. Stay Active on SoundCloud:

Achieving fame on SoundCloud isn’t just about making great music – you must establish a good relationship with your online community.

Make sure you’re a consistent active presence among your fans and interact with them as much as possible.

People love to stream music from artists that know they exist and care about their opinions.

The more you can foster this communication with your fans, the more loyal they’ll become.

3. Design Effective Album Cover Art

Design Effective Album Cover Art for Soundcloud: eAskme

Your album’s cover is the first thing listeners will see on SoundCloud, so it must be eye-catching.

Spend some time making high-quality album art, and you’ll entice more listeners to give your music a try, which will help increase your popularity and streams.

4. Make a Remix

Fans love when an artist creates a remix of a great song using their unique style.

By making remixes, you can tap into the audience that enjoys the original tracks and get your music heard by them.

Your Remix should build upon the original version and add extra elements.

Rappers tend to include a verse or remix the beats so that the final product is something new.

Whatever type of music you make, you want your Remix to showcase your particular sound.

5. Do Repost Exchange

SoundCloud has a valuable service called Repost Exchange, designed to help you spread your music.

You use it by reaching out to fellow artists and seeing if you want to repost each other’s songs online for new listeners to hear.

Reposting tracks is a great way to promote your music because it helps you and the person you’re working with get your music in the ears of a new audience who may become loyal fans.

6. Interact with Your Audience

A surefire way to get a high number of new listeners on SoundCloud is to engage with your audience as much as possible, including fans and other artists.

Take the time to respond to your audience’s opinions and talk with them now and again.

They’ll appreciate getting to know you, and this excitement will encourage them to grow your presence online and share audio from your account with their friends.

7. Post Collaboration on SoundCloud

The genre of music you make likely has other artists who make similar music.

Reach out to an artist you think has excellent music and see if they’d be willing to collaborate on a track together.

Successful collaboration means that both artists get to show off their style to each other’s unique audiences and gain new fans.

If you can get your song on a playlist, even more people will be able to discover you and your collaborator.

8. Measure Your Performance Using SoundCloud Analytics

Measure Your Performance Using SoundCloud Analytics: eAskme

SoundCloud offers handy tools that allow any music creator to examine their music’s analytics.

This data shows you how well your music is performing and can give you insights that help you adjust your music so that it’s even more famous and gets more streams.

9. Grow Your SoundCloud Plays

There’s no easier way to blow up on SoundCloud than to buy plays.

This is much faster than slowly building up plays over time because you can make your songs look very popular, which leads to more people discovering your music and increasing your plays.

Buying SoundCloud plays is also cheap if you purchase from the right place.

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Many people try to blow up on SoundCloud but don’t know the right way.

Rather than slowly gaining popularity on SoundCloud with outdated methods, take advantage of the above strategies to boost yourself ahead of the competition.

Still have any question, feel free to ask me via comments.

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