November 30, 2022

Why China's Space Program Should Overtake Other Space Agencies?

China's space program should overtake other space agencies because of its ambitious goals, strong political support, and growing capabilities.

Since China began its space program in the early 1970s, it has made significant progress in developing its launch vehicles, satellites, and ground infrastructure.

Why China's Space Program Should Overtake Other Space Agencies?: eAskme
Why China's Space Program Should Overtake Other Space Agencies?: eAskme

In 2003, China became the third country to independently develop and launch a human-rated spacecraft after the United States and Russia..

Since then, China has continued to make strides in its space program, including launching its first robotic lunar rover in 2013 and becoming the first country to land far side of the moon in 2019 will be occupied by a spacecraft.

Why China's space program should overtake other space agencies?

China space station or program has come a long way in recent years and is poised to overtake other space agencies in terms of capability and ambition.

financial resources:

Firstly, China has the financial resources to invest heavily in its space program.

It has been estimated that the Chinese government spends around $8 billion per year on its space activities, more than any other country except the United States.

This investment is beginning to pay off, with China achieving some significant milestones recently, such as landing a rover on the moon and launching a human into orbit.

Skilled engineers and scientists:

Secondly, China has a large pool of highly skilled engineers and scientists to draw upon.

These experts are helping to develop new technology for use in space and working on making existing technology more reliable and efficient.

This combination of financial resources and technical expertise means that China is well-placed to make significant progress in its space program in the coming years.

Clear vision:

Finally, China has a clear vision for its space program.

The Chinese government has stated that it wants to be a world leader in space exploration and is investing accordingly.

In contrast, other countries such as Russia and Europe have been scaling back their ambitions in recent years due to financial constraints.

This commitment from China means that it is likely to achieve its goal of becoming a significant player in the field of space exploration.

Comparison of China's and the United States' space budgets:

There are many factors to consider when comparing the space budgets of China and the United States.

The most obvious difference is that the United States has a much higher budget for its space program than China.

In fact, according to a report by the Planetary Society, the United States spends about ten times as much on its space program as China does.

However, it is crucial to keep in mind that the Chinese population is almost four times as large as the population of the United States.

Another critical factor to consider is that China has rapidly caught up to the United States regarding its space capabilities in recent years.

While the United States still has a significant lead in space technology, it is essential to remember that China is making significant investments in its space program.

Finally, it is worth noting that the China space station budget is growing much faster than the US space budget. In fact, according to some estimates, China's space budget could overtake the US space budget within a decade.

International collaboration with China and other countries in the world:

The Chinese space program has been making great strides in recent years and is now seen as a serious competitor to other space-faring nations.

One area where China has particularly excelled is in its international collaborations.

China has partnered with some countries on various space-related projects, including constructing the Large Millimeter Telescope in Chile and developing a Mars rover.

These partnerships have helped to further China's space ambitions and enhanced its reputation as a cooperative and reliable partner on the world stage.


There are many reasons why China's space station or program should overtake other space agencies.

For one, China has the financial resources to invest in a world-class space program.

China's large population can also provide a steady stream of qualified astronauts and scientists.

Finally, China has demonstrated a commitment to exploration and technological innovation, which suggests that they are likely to continue to make significant advances in its space program in the years to come.

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