July 10, 2019

How to Promote Your Tracks Using SoundCloud Plays?

As an artist, you must be aware of how popular SoundCloud is. And it is this popularity that can bring you great success, only if you choose to take advantage of this platform.

And there are many ways to achieve success on this platform, including the option to buy plays for SoundCloud, or 15 Best Sites to Buy SoundCloud Plays, Followers & Likes.

How to Promote Your Tracks Using SoundCloud Plays: eAskme
How to Promote Your Tracks Using SoundCloud Plays: eAskme

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This post looks at the various ways through which one can promote his/her tracks using SoundCloud plays.

Make it easy for bloggers

Success on SoundCloud sometimes is a collective responsibility between the musician bloggers and journalists plus many other SoundCloud users.

This means that when you upload your music, you have to make it easily accessible to these people, given that they can do more than half the work for you.

Come to think of people like bloggers and journalists.

These are people that can bring lots of traffic to your tracks, and this way you can be able to get followers, likes and even reposts.

Be interactive

Just like any other platform, the success on SoundCloud is also determined by the ranking of your tracks.

And for you to rank well, then you must have high-level engagements with listeners and your followers.

The good thing with SoundCloud is the feature where listeners can leave a comment at a specific part of the song.

You need to spare time and reply to these comments, thanking them if the comment is good and promising to improve if the comment is not so good for the music.

With this kind of engagements, you will be able to have your tracks ranked high, listened to more, and thus get more from your work.

Join SoundCloud groups

You can also achieve great success on SoundCloud by simply joining groups and submitting your music to these groups.

Note that there are so many kinds of genre and location-based groups on this platform.

As a musician aiming for greatness, then you need to spend some time and join as many groups as you can.

When you share your music with these groups, you can be sure that there will be people who will be interested in them, thus will listen to them or even download them.

Buy links

On SoundCloud, you can buy links that will lead people to where you are selling music both online and offline.

Whether you are in music for business or just for fun, you can still be able to make some money by selling your hit songs.

To do this, you have to direct people to where they can buy these songs.

Follow others

There is no greater way to promote your tracks than following those who are actively engaged with your music.

Note that it is not a must to follow everyone who is following you, but at least you need to ensure that you at least follow those people that can be able to share your music as well.

And given that this is a social platform, you can get to talk and request them to share your music with as many other people as possible.

Give away free tracks

Going viral on SoundCloud is not as easy as many would want it to be. This is due to the high competition that people face here.

To ensure that your best music gets out there and perhaps go viral, you need to share some of them for free.

When people listen to your best hits and think they are hot, then they can easily go viral, thus promote your other tracks.


Success comes with great sacrifice. For you to get known on SoundCloud, there will be so much you have to forego.

You need to spend lots of time recording your music regularly, and then spare time again to upload and encourage engagements.

By choosing to buy SoundCloud plays, you stand a chance of beating the high competition on this platform. 

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