TikTok is Explaining Why a Video Is Recommended in “For You” page

TikTok’s new update is not displaying “Why this video” as recommended. For many, it may not be a major change, but as a platform, TikTok is the only platform explaining why the videos are recommended to each user.

TikTok is Explaining Why a Video Is Recommended in “For You” page: eAskme
TikTok is Explaining Why a Video Is Recommended in “For You” page: eAskme

You can see TikTok-recommended videos on the “For You” page. It is the first TikTok screen you will see when using the TikTok app.

You need to click on the “Why this Video” label to find out why the video is there.

TikTok is Explaining Why a Video Is Recommended in the “For You” page:

It will open a popup box explaining why TikTok is recommending this video.

There are many reasons why the TikTok algorithm recommends a video, such as:

  • Your interactions, such as comments, likes, watch, and shares.
  • Suggested accounts or accounts you are following.
  • Recently published content in your region.
  • Popular TikTok Videos in your region.

Now, if you see a video unrelated to your interest, you can go to the “Why this video” label and check why it is recommended.

A user may need help finding this feature, but as a content creator and marketer, you will learn some insight about how and why TikTok recommends videos.

Once you understand why videos are recommended, you can create similar content and increase the chances of your content being recommended to others.

This will help you grow followers and business on TikTok.

You will also find a post on TikTok published in 2020 explaining how the “For You” page works. You will also learn what the factors that the TikTok algorithm considers are.

Now, there is no secret why videos are popping up in your TikTok for your page.

You can use this information to understand the interest of your target audience and create content that gets more recommendations on TikTok.

You can even use popular sound when creating videos on TikTok.

TikTok is the house of content that is created from existing videos. You need to get inspiration and display your creativity on TikTok.


TikTok is giving tough time to other social media networks such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, etc.

TikTok influences other social networks by launching Reels and many other features like TikTok and Twitch.

TikTok’s new update reveals information on how TikTok algorithms recommend videos. This is something that other networks are not doing for the users.

You can hope that other social networks also display why they recommend content in your feed.

Stay tuned to know more about TikTok and other social media updates.

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