December 23, 2022

Why Is A Hybrid Event Platform So Useful for Your Next Event?

By Sona Mathews

21% of marketers are actively developing a hybrid event platform.

Such has been the rise of hybrid events in recent times. 

Why Is A Hybrid Event Platform So Useful for Your Next Event?: eAskme
Why Is A Hybrid Event Platform So Useful for Your Next Event?: eAskme

Hybrid events are the best of both worlds in-person events and virtual events.

They bring the qualities of both. At the same time, overcoming the shortcomings to put together a complete and meaningful experience for the attendees.

Why should you consider a hybrid event platform for your next event?

Advantages of using a hybrid event platform for your next event:

A hybrid event is both in-person and virtual at the same time. It is held in a physical capacity in a venue and streamed to audiences worldwide.

It seamlessly combines the live event with virtual streaming to create a unique experience for both audiences.

Here are some of the key benefits of using a hybrid event platform for your next event:

Store all your event information in one place:

A hybrid event has more dimensions than an in-person or virtual event. It makes it harder to manage with too many facets to take care of.

A hybrid event solution will store all your event information in one place for smoother management.

You will have separate lists of in-person and virtual attendees, the participant, and associates.

You can easily communicate with them, look after the preparations, check their compatibility, and make informed decisions.

Easily integrate with social media platforms:

One of the key objectives of any event is to spread the good word about your brand.

Your hybrid event platform easily integrates social media platforms to allow you to cross-post about the event in real-time and keep your audience updated.

You can spread the word about the upcoming event by posting on social media platforms, inviting participants and attendees, updating any last-minute changes, and interacting with attendees about the event.

Ensure optimum visibility of your events to all the attendees:

Hybrid event platforms ace the merging of in-person and virtual audiences to provide both with a rewarding experience.

Both attendees have different needs, and your event management platforms bring them together in a single space to help you manage them.

For example, it's important to draw the attendees to the key moment of the event, but it needs to be done differently for optimum visibility.

The platform will ensure that virtual attendees are sent reminders about the upcoming moment while in-person ones can be personally reminded.

What should you consider when choosing a hybrid event platform?

Using a hybrid event platform tremendously helps you easily manage the live and virtual elements of your hybrid event.

It not only fast-tracks the internal management of the event but also helps you create a rewarding experience for all your attendees.

Here's why you should consider choosing a hybrid event platform:

Easy registration process:

Your hybrid platform will help you prepare an easy registration process for all kinds of attendees.

Enroll in-person and virtual participants without hassle or delay. Send an email confirmation right after the process is done.

With many events, you'll have to register multiple participants and take care of different attendees.

An event management system handles these complex transactions by enabling simultaneous registrations.


The platform gives you access to all facets of event planning under one roof.

You can essentially manage attendees, participants, and contractors along with seating arrangements and lining up of events all at once.

Simultaneous accessibility lets you see how one aspect lines up with the other.

For example, if a unique feature for virtual attendees doesn't get in the way of in-person attendees.

Built-in networking features:

81% of event organizers rank networking capabilities as key contributors to audience satisfaction in an event.

By providing built-in networking features, you enable and empower your audience to get the most out of the event.

They can post about their experience on social media. It will give you the positive word of mouth and attract more people to the event.

Integrated control center:

An integrated or unified control center puts all the information from all the sources involved in creating and running an event in one place.

It lets you see the progress of your event preparations and your finances.

Keeping a check on your finances ensures that you never go overboard on your budget while taking care of every aspect of event management.

Reliable mobile app:

A mobile application helps you manage your events on the go.

You don't have to plug into various systems or be in your office space to be able to manage different aspects of an upcoming event.

You can do that as and when the need arises.

Mobile apps are most useful when the event is live, and you are usually on the go supervising every aspect of it.

In that case, you can always check the progress on your mobile while the event is underway.

Security and safety features:

Security is a genuine concern when it comes to managing events.

You will need to give access to multiple participants and associates to communicate with them about the event's proceedings.

Your hybrid event platform allows you to add and remove participants from groups and share only the needed information.

Similarly, it helps you safeguard your virtual attendees by granting them access for a limited time in the event.

You can also send them the link to join separately in an email to ensure it doesn't fall in the wrong hands.

Hybrid events have been seeing a monumental rise in recent rise:

Hybrid events give brands the best of both in-person and virtual events.

Their management can be significantly made easier with the help of a hybrid event platform.

Hybrid event platforms help you manage an event's in-person and virtual elements by bringing them all under one roof.

They give you increased accessibility to all departments and track your finances to help you stay within budget.

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