January 22, 2023

ChatGPT Pro Launched as ChatGPT Plus: Paid Version for Professionals

OpenAI may launch a premium version of ChatGPT in professional mode. You should know that ChatGPT is an AI-Powered chatbot with massive popularity.

An announcement published on OpenAI's Discord channel reveals that a professional and paid ChatGPT Plus version will soon reach the surface.

ChatGPT Plus Pro: OpenAI Launching A Paid Version for Professionals

ChatGPT Pro, OpenAI may Launch A Paid Version for Professionals: eAskme
ChatGPT Pro, OpenAI may Launch A Paid Version for Professionals: eAskme

ChatGPT will offer a reliable and faster user experience as a premium version.

Paid ChatGPT Plus Professional version will offer the following benefits:

Two times more regular message limit.

  • Quick response
  • Zero blackouts

Even when the announcement is not official, you should know that ChatGPT's regular version is free.

To earn money, OpenAI will introduce a pro CharGPT version. Premium ChatGPT is already under development.

OpenAI has not commented on the price of the Pro ChatGPT version.

But here is everything you must know about the Pro ChatGPT announcement.

ChatGPT is Monetizable:

ChatGPT is highly popular. Businesses, marketers, and entrepreneurs find it quite useful in different industries.

It is when OpneAI is thinking of monetizing its most popular product.

Even though there is no official announcement, OpenAI may launch a paid version of ChatGPT to target professionals.

You can signup to join the waitlist for ChatGPT pro. 

You can even ask questions about the availability, price, and uses of professional ChatGPT.

OpenAI will send notifications about the launch of ChatGPT pro to selected professionals only.

Will ChatGPT's regular version stay free?

There has yet to be a prediction about the future of the free ChatGPT version.

Right now, OpenAI is using free ChatGPT to collect information and research.

It means that you are testing the beta version before it becomes paid.

Sam Altman, the founder of OpenAI, has tweeted that he is forced to monetize ChatGPT to compensate for the cost of computing.

Investors are also looking for ways to earn returns from ChatGPT.

Brands like Microsoft are already there to earn profit from this OpenAI product.

Microsoft has cleared that the company will invest $10 billion to improve CharGPT and use it in its products.


Monetization of a popular product is a familiar thing for businesses.

Businesses are marketing products to test and gain attention.

Once the product gains enough popularity and proves usability, the brand will find ways to monetize it and earn profit.

The same will happen to ChatGPT.

OpenAI investors may eagerly be looking for ways to earn a profit, and OpenAI is looking for ways to monetize ChatGPT.

We are keeping an eye on ChatGPT's future updates and news to update you as quickly as possible.

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