Introducing ChatGPT Plus: Benefits and Cost!

OpenAI has launched ChatGPT Plus, a premium ChatGPT version that will cost you $20/month. It is said that ChatGPT plus will offer priority access and quick response time.

ChatGPT Plus is a paid version of the standard ChatGPT chatbot.

ChatGPT free version was launched in November 2022, and since then, it has gained massive popularity.

Now OpenAI is planning to monetize ChatGPT with the pro version, "ChatGPT Plus," to earn money and satisfy its investors.

Why ChatGPT Plus?

ChatGPT Plus Available at $20/month: eAskme
ChatGPT Plus Available at $20/month: eAskme


Businesses like Microsoft are investing billions of dollars in ChatGPT and AI research to empower tools like Azure.

Investors are interested in better AI and looking for a return on their investment.

OpenAI published a post disclosing the launch of premium ChatGPT plus to monetize the tool and offer premium features to its subscribers.

Benefits of ChatGPT Plus:

With ChatGPT Plus, you can get priority access, new features, and quick response even during peak times.

Right now, ChatGPT plus is available in the United States only.

OpenAI lets you join the ChatGPT Plus wait-list even if you live in other countries.

Note: ChatGPT free version will still be accessible for users worldwide.

OpenAI will continue its work to improve ChatGPT better. In the coming weeks or months, ChatGPT will receive updates and upgrades.

As we know, there are limitations to what ChatGPT can do. OpenAI is collecting feedback from the users to improve ChatGPT and offer premium access.

ChatGPT API waiting list will soon be available for those interested in API. With ChatGPT API, OpenAI is planning to launch data packs and business plans at a lesser cost.


It is always a good idea to monetize quality products. OpenAI is also monetizing ChatGPT with ChatGPT Plus.

Users will also love the quick access and premium features.

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