January 24, 2023

Microsoft and OpenAI Extend Partnership to Make AI Available for You!

Microsoft first showed its interest in AI with the launch of Azure. Now, Microsoft is extending its partnership with ChatGPT developer company OpenAI with a multi-billion dollar and multi-year investment plan.

You should know that Microsoft has already invested in OpenAI during 2019 and 2021.

Microsoft and OpenAI Extend Partnership to Make AI Available for You!: eAskme
Microsoft and OpenAI Extend Partnership to Make AI Available for You!: eAskme


Their partnership will help the company to build supercomputing possible for research, and each partner can commercialize the products.

Microsoft’s goal is to create an AI which is democratic and available for all.

Microsoft and OpenAI collaboration will make it possible in the following ways:

Supercomputing at scale:

Microsoft will invest more in the development and deployment of AI technologies.

New investments will help OpenAI to extend its research in the field of AI. It will also empower supercomputers.

New AI-powered experiences:

Microsoft intends to integrate OpenAI models in its enterprise and consumer products.

The company can also introduce new categories where AI technology created by OpenAI will be used.

It also means that Microsoft’s Azure OpenAI Service will also use OpenAI and ChatGPT technologies.

Exclusive cloud Service:

Microsoft’s Azure OpenAI Service will help OpenAI workloads to manage API services, research, and product development.

Microsoft is investing many resources to make Azure Ai Supercomputer a reality. A new extended collaboration with OpenAI will be the next step in this area.

OpenAI and Microsoft partnership developed GPT-3, the most powerful AI with language learning models.

With future investments, Microsoft and OpenAI will explore the new possibilities of AI technology.

Satya Nadela, Microsoft’s CEO, tweeted about this new collaboration.

There are rumors that Microsoft will launch Microsoft Bing with ChatGPT technology. But Microsoft CEO has not said anything about that.

It is also said that Microsoft will use OpenAiI technology in its products, including Microsoft Word.
ChatGPT in Bing search will open new possibilities for the search engine.

Google is also taking it seriously. This is why Google founders Sergey Brin and Larry Page returned to their offices to integrate Chatbots into Google. There are rumors that ChatGPT may replace Google search.


ChatGPT is an excellent OpenAi product with unlimited possibilities.

Microsoft saw that and started investing in AI technologies when other brands were not serious about what AI could do.

Microsoft and OpenAI collaboration has given the world a serious message that AI can be the future of search and Microsoft.

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