April 22, 2023

Gramhir: 100+ Best Instagram Analyzer and Viewer without an Account

Gramhir is a free Instagram viewer and analyzer you can use without creating an account. Do you need Gramhir to analyze or view Instagram accounts? What are Gramhir alternatives? Let's find out today.

If you are on Instagram, you need an Instagram account to view or analyze another person's Instagram profile.

But some sites and tools save you from creating Instagram accounts; still, you can view what others post on their accounts.

Gramhir is that tool. Gramhir is a top Instagram viewer that you may access from Gramhir.com. It is a free Instagram analyzer and viewer. You do not need an account to view Instagram profiles when using Gramhir.

Gramhir 20 best Instagram Analyzer and Viewer without an Account sites like Gramhir alternatives: eAskme
Gramhir: 20 best Instagram Analyzer and Viewer without an Account: eAskme


It means that any person who does not have an Instagram account can view other people's Instagram content from sites like Gramhir. You can quickly visit many Instagram accounts without getting noticed.

There are many online Instagram viewers available online that work as Gramhir alternatives. You can use many of them to view Instagram content for free without registration.

Earlier known as Gramho is now Gramhir.com. It extracts Instagram users' content and displays it when you want to watch it.

Today, you will learn everything about Gramhir, such as:

  • What is Gramhir?
  • What are the features of Gramhir?
  • How does Gramhir Work?
  • Is Gramhir Reliable?
  • What are Gramhir alternatives?

What is Gramhir?

Gramhir is a free tool to view and analyze Instagram profiles without signing up.

You can access the Instagram content of any user without registration, and it is easy and free to access Instagram profiles, videos, and photos with Gramhir.

You can view a user's Instagram profile and access Celebrity profiles, company profiles,  Public figures, and magazine profiles using Gramhir.

Gramho or Gramhir is a professional yet free Instagram analyzer and viewer website.

The Gramhir algorithm analyzes the Instagram account you want to view and extracts content available on Instagram.

It also shows how popular an Instagram account is, and the Instagram profile statistic makes Gramhir popular.

What are the features of Gramhir?

Instagram Account Analyzer:

Gramho or Gramhir analyze the Instagram account and extract all the information available on that account, including statistics and rating.

You can also compare your account stats and rating with other Instagram accounts.

Predict Instagram Likes and Followers:

Gramhir can predict how many followers, comments, and likes a new Instagram post can get.

Access Instagram Anonymously:

Gramhir is famous for accessing Instagram anonymously.

  • View public Instagram accounts and their content without getting notices.
  • Ccheck popular hashtags, locations, followers, stories, and posts.
  • Use Gramhir to post photos and videos on your Instagram account.

Free Download Instagram Stories, Videos, and Photos:

With Gramhir, you can anonymously download Instagram stories, photos, videos, etc. It is free to download everything using Gramhir.

Gramho has changed its name to Gramhir. Yet, you can get similar features and functionality.

How does Gramhir Work?

Gramhir's Instagram analytics tool is also helpful.

This tool lets you access information about multiple accounts, such as post details, impressions, and interactions.

You can only check other person's Instagram account stats, but you can also check your Instagram account stats. Gramhir's account rating shows how popular an Instagram account is.

You can access Gramhir on a desktop or using the chrome extension.

You can even visit the Gramhir website on your smartphone. Gramhir shows the likes, comments, and views of the posts.

You can check which Instagram photos are more popular than others. You can also access Instagram followers' insight.

Is Gramhir Reliable or safe to use?

Gramhir is a free Instagram analyzer and viewer.

Even when it is a free tool, it is reliable.

You do not need an account to view Instagram accounts, and it also means that Gramhir does not ask for your personal information, and you can access Instagram anonymously.

Gramhir is safe as you do not need ads or popups. It is an easy-to-use Instagram analyzer that is entirely free and anonymous.

The best thing about Gramhir is that it lets you check every account's Instagram statistics, including the number of posts, followers, likes, and popular posts.

You can compare your posts with other Instagram posts. And you can view the Instagram stories of other users without being seen.

You can use Gramhir to track your Instagram growth and compare it with your competitors.

Sites like Gramhir or Gramhir Alternatives to Watch Instagram Without an Account:

Instagram is not only a place for celebrities or influencers, but it has a massive user base of people who love to follow others.

You can check what your favorite celebrities post and what your competitors do on Instagram. You can also follow brand stories, marketers, and other businesses on Instagram to view their content.

Gramhir helps you track their posts and user engagement.

You can use this information to create engaging posts on Instagram and boost user engagement on your profile.

You can use Gramhir and many other Instagram viewer apps like Gramhir to view and analyze Instagram accounts.

There are many online apps like Gramhir or Gramhor available online.

Here I am sharing the list of tools like Gramhir that you can access. These free Instagram viewer tools are easily accessible on your smartphone or desktop.

  1. Picuki
    Insta Stories
    Stories Down
    4K Stogram
    Insta Stories
    Hype Auditor
    Story Stalker
    IG Stories
    IG DP
  2. WP
  3. Wix
  4. Watchinsta
  5. twimg
  6. Tumblr
  7. Trendyol
  8. Toopics
  9. Tiktok
  10. Theinstaprofile
  11. Storysaver Instagram
  12. Storysaver
  13. StoriesIG
  14. Storiesgrams
  15. Storiesdown
  16. Sozcu
  17. Smilehub
  18. Silayetvar
  19. Shutterstock
  20. ShowBox
  21. Saveig
  22. Save Instagram
  23. Saglik
  24. Sabah
  25. Reddit
  26. Rankestra
  27. Qoob Stories
  28. Popcornflix
  29. Pixwoox
  30. Pixabay
  31. Piwox
  32. Pinterest.jp
  33. Pinterest.co.uk
  34. Pinimg
  35. Pictame
  36. Picbear
  37. Picbabun
  38. Pexels
  39. Onedio
  40. Ntv
  41. Moptu
  42. Milliyet
  43. Medium
  44. Linktr
  45. line
  46. Letgo
  47. JustWatch
  48. IzoomYou
  49. Issuu
  50. Instore
  51. Instaxyz
  52. InstaStories
  53. Instasaved
  54. Instalkr
  55. Instagram
  56. InstaDP
  57. Ingramer
  58. Inflact
  59. Imgur
  60. Imglore
  61. Imglore
  62. IGLookup
  63. Hoverwatch
  64. Hepsiburada
  65. HBO NOW
  66. Haberturk
  67. Gstatic
  68. Greatfon
  69. Gramho
  70. Gramhir
  71. Glassagram
  72. Gittigidiyor
  73. Funimation
  74. Fullinsta
  75. Flipps
  76. Flipps
  77. Flickr
  78. FastSave
  79. Epttavm
  80. ePix
  81. Envato
  82. Eksisozluk
  83. Dreamstime
  84. deskgram
  85. Deskgram
  86. Desi Rulz
  87. Depostiphotos
  88. Cutestat
  89. Confidentail Insta
  90. Cnnturk
  91. Cimri
  92. cdninstgram
  93. business site
  94. Bigsta
  95. Bigbangram
  96. Behance
  97. Barinsta
  98. Apkun
  99. Aparat
  100. Anon IG Viewer
  101. Amazon
  102. Alamy
  103. Akamaized
  104. Akace
  105. Aa
  106. 4K Stogram
  107. 123rf


Picuki is quite similar to Gramhir. You can view and analyze other people's Instagram accounts, including stories, tags, posts, followers, and profiles.


Imginn is another free Instagram viewer and analyzer like Gramhir or Gramho. You can use this Gramho alternative to download Instagram photos, stories, and videos for free.

You can use Imginn Instagram downloader on your pc or mobile device. It is famous for watching Instagram stories anonymously.

Stories Down:

Stories Down is another website where you can watch Instagram stories anonymously without registration. It is an easy-to-use Instagram viewer website.


Gramhir is a popular Instagram analyzer and viewer website to watch the latest trends.

The best thing about Gramhir is that you can access everything without registration or login, and you can manage everything on Instagram using Gramhir without sharing your details.

Anonymous Instagram browsing is the reason why Gramhir is popular.

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