April 22, 2023

How to Look After Your Clients?

Clients are the reason why companies compete. Business is about growing and grabbing the maximum share in your industry.

To win clients’ trust, a business must display exceptional commitment and deliver quality service.

If you can offer excellent customer experience, your business will grow.

More than 30% of customers stop buying from a business that delivers bad customer service.

How to Look After Your Clients?: eAskme
How to Look After Your Clients?: eAskme

Clients are interested in services and products that offer long-term solutions.

Today, I am sharing the best way to look after your clients.

Fix issues:

It is necessary to fix every issue before delivering your services. The client always wants the best service or products.

Not even a single client is interested in listening to any excuse because your service gives them a hard time.

Collect feedback from your existing clients to find out where the problem exists. Find the solution and fix it to improve user experience.

Be Responsive:

Reply to every question, query, and suggestion. Make sure that clients feel that you are personalizing services for them. This way, you will connect better with your clients.

Understand your client’s business, follow their press release, news, and business development.

Subscribe to the email newsletter and follow the social networks of your client.

Find out about their funding, such as VC funding.

Client-centric events:

Host events that make your clients feel productive.

Your clients will love visiting events with profitable intent, such as business anniversaries, product launches, and grand openings.

For example, you can invite clients to a insurance crm software launch event.

Collect Feedback:

Ask your clients to leave feedback.

Your client’s interest in your product and services can change with time. Their feedback will help you update your services and improve your products.

You can ask for feedback on social media accounts, emails, or meetings.

Do you know that customers prefer those businesses that are for feedback?

International freight forwarding is a business type that can see good results with customer feedback.

Reports and Presentations:

Clients are always interested in detailed reports and dynamic presentations.

Create quarterly and annual reports, presentations, and proposals.

It will help your clients to engage with your work.

Use creative visuals, pictographs, gifs, etc.

Promote Client’s Business:

Not only promote clients’ business because they pay you.

But promote their businesses way more than what they have expected.

Share your client’s business on social media handles, emails, and testimonials.

Write positive reviews to ego-boost your clients.


These are the 6 effective ways to look after your clients.

When your clients discover that you care about their business more than others, they will give you more contracts and buy more products or services.

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