February 23, 2023

Shangri La. An Excursion Into the History of a Famous Brand

Gambling fans in Eastern Europe know the famous chain of gambling houses Shangri La.

Over one generation of players has received vivid impressions and invaluable gaming experience in branded casinos.

Gambling complexes are made in the same style and have exquisite designs and luxurious interiors.

Shangri La. An Excursion Into the History of a Famous Brand: eAskme
Shangri La. An Excursion Into the History of a Famous Brand: eAskme

And if initially ShangriLa was designed for fans of land-based gambling houses, then over the years the brand expanded and went online, launching a chic gaming portal on the Internet.

The functionality of the virtual casino fully complies with the standards of land-based complexes and offers a high-quality service.
Thirty-one years ago, the young brand began to gain popularity in the global gambling industry. The luxurious halls of Shangri La have become the epitome of comfortable rest and royal service.

In 1992, the world-famous Michael Boettcher opened several extra-class gambling houses in the Russian capital.

And despite the considerable competition, the brand managed to stay afloat and take a leading position in the gambling market.

In 2008, the brand's history in Moscow ended, and Shangri La left Russia forever.
The opening of the second online casino also marked 2008. It's time to conquer Armenia.

Thanks to the efforts of top-level masters of the Yerevan Academy of Arts, the gambling complex received a unique design with exquisite details and royal luxury.

The halls of the complex are spacious and luxurious. All this contributes to a comfortable stay in an unforgettable atmosphere.

Also, the undoubted advantage of the Armenian complex is its unique poker club.
A year later, a new casino was opened in Minsk. The space-style glass cube has become a recognizable hallmark of the capital of Belarus. 

This unique detached building attracts with its original design. 

Cars and other valuable prizes are stored in its special vault and are waiting for their owners.

The exquisite menu pleases gourmets and delivers culinary bliss.

Celebrity chef Mark Ulrich runs the cuisine of Shangri La Minsk.
Three years later, in 2012, the long-awaited opening of Shangri La took place in Tbilisi.

The casino is comfortably located next to the unique Bridge of Peace, a masterpiece of national architecture.

The interior of the casino, made in the Art Deco style, strikes extraordinary beauty. It is also worth noting that Shangri La has repeatedly been awarded the title of the best casino in the country.
The youngest casinos of the Shangri La chain opened in 2021 in Ukraine.

Houses were launched in Kyiv and Kharkiv. Stylish and elegant casinos have become a bright decoration of two Ukrainian cities.

But their fate was affected by tragic events. Due to the war in the country, the operation of the complexes had to be suspended.

And only recently has their work been restored.
Shangri La's elite VIP clubs are at your service if you want to try high-stakes gambling.

By becoming a member of such a club, the player receives exclusive VIP privileges. Here you will find impressive winnings and the benefits of a personal manager.

Players from other cities do not need to worry about transfer and accommodation; qualified staff will handle this.

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