February 23, 2023

LinkedIn Launched SEO Tools for Articles

Do you publish articles on LinkedIn? If yes, then you should use new LinkedIn SEO tools.

LinkedIn has released updates to help your content shine and grab more views.

Now, you can customize how your LinkedIn articles will index and display in search results.

LinkedIn Launched SEO Tools for Articles: eAskme
LinkedIn Launched SEO Tools for Articles: eAskme

You can use SEO titles and SEO descriptions for your LinkedIn articles. It is easy to tell the search engine what your article is about.

Not only that, but LinkedIn is also offering more ways for you to attract an audience and boost newsletter subscribers using your LinkedIn profile.

Here is what you must know about the latest LinkedIn updates.

New Profile Update to Display Your LinkedIn Articles:

Now you can display your LinkedIn content in the “Activity” section. Not only articles, but you can also display documents, videos, images, and newsletters.

All you need is to select the content type you want to display.

One-click LinkedIn Newsletter subscribe link: eAskme


Every LinkedIn user can access this feature and display his content to a broader audience.

LinkedIn has also rolled out many updates that will help you improve the search presence of your LinkedIn articles and boost your newsletter subscribers list.

SEO for Your LinkedIn Articles:

SEO title and descriptionf for Your LinkedIn Articles: eAskme


LinkedIn allows you to change SEO titles and descriptions to make it easy for search engines to index your post.

  • Go to the LinkedIn article.
  • Click on “Publishing”
  • Click on “Settings”
  • Now add Title and Description in the SEO title and SEO description fields.

It is helpful to SEO-optimize your LinkedIn articles.


Note: You should activate Creator mode and visit “Analytics & Tools” to check analytics.

You can now access creation tools and analytics to measure the performance of your LinkedIn articles.

Schedule LinkedIn Articles and Newsletters:

LinkedIn launched a post-scheduling feature in 2022. Now you will also have article scheduling and newsletter scheduling features on LinkedIn.

Scheduling your LinkedIn articles and Newsletters will help you share the content when engagement is maximum.

Just use the schedule button and select when you want to publish an article or release a newsletter.

LinkedIn has also introduced a one-click newsletter subscription and embedded button.

With this feature, your existing LinkedIn followers or people on other social networks and sites can also subscribe to your newsletter.

LinkedIn newsletters will have more space in search results.


LinkedIn’s SEO tools and newsletter updates will help you connect with like-minded people. You will also build a loyal audience on LinkedIn.

SEO title and description features will help search engines identify and rank your LinkedIn articles easily.

LinkedIn users can check your activity in the profile section.

Newsletter and article scheduling will help you publish content at the best time for more engagement.

LinkedIn newsletters will become more visible in LinkedIn search results. Also, there is the option to embed newsletters on your website.

These updates are part of a series that will launch for LinkedIn users this year.

Stay tuned with us to know what the upcoming LinkedIn updates are and how they will impact you.

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