March 05, 2023

LinkedIn 5 New Features for Job Seekers: Must Know These!

By Sona Mathews

Tomer Cohen, the Chief Product Officer at LinkedIn, published a post sharing details about the 5 new features that will help job seekers.

Like any other social network, LinkedIn also updates its features, style, etc. The new features of LinkedIn are going to help job seekers to grab the recruiter’s attention and discover new opportunities.

LinkedIn has recorded all-time-high job search activity on the platform. It can be because of the layoffs in large tech giants like Facebook, Twitter, etc.

LinkedIn 5 New Features for Job Seekers, Open-To-Work, Skill Match, Hiring in Your Network, I’m Interested: eAskme
LinkedIn 5 New Features for Job Seekers, Open-To-Work, Skill Match, Hiring in Your Network, I’m Interested: eAskme


With new features, LinkedIn targets job seekers looking for new opportunities and the right tool to find the best company and land the best job.

The job market is getting competitive; getting hired without improving your portfolio is not easy.
New LinkedIn updates will make it easy for recruiters to check highlighted experience and skills on the candidate’s profile.

LinkedIn’s features job seekers make finding a new job easy. It is important for career growth and finding new opportunities.

LinkedIn has collected feedback for the following themes to launch new updates:

  • LinkedIn Product Process Insight makes it easy for the user to understand what is coming and what is new.
  • Making post-discovery easy. You can curate your post feed by adding filters and finding new posts.
    LinkedIn is launching more ways to manage messages and invitations. You can track your messages and use filters.
  • The LinkedIn Employment Trust tool will help page admins to verify listed employees, manage the list, and check on the type of employment.
  • LinkedIn’s enhanced creation tool will help creators to use rich formats and analyze user engagement.
    Here is what you must know about new LinkedIn Features for Jobseekers!

1. Start Job Search with Open-To-Work:

LinkedIn Open-To-Work feature for job seekers: eAskme

  • Display “Open-to-Work” on your LinkedIn profile to let recruiters know your availability for new opportunities.
  • Set the feature display for a broader community or keep it private.
  • Set job alerts to get notifications.

2. Use Skill Match feature:

LinkedIn Skills Match Feature for Job Seekers: eAskme

With skill-match, you can learn the skills necessary to get hired for a specific job.

Skill-match feature lets you compare your profile with the skill set.

You can add experience, certifications, and education qualifications.

3. Share Your resume:

LinkedIn Share Your Resume With Recruiters Feature for Job Seekers: eAskme


By sharing your resume with recruiters, you can easily connect with recruiters.

Your resume will display when a recruiter searches for experience, skills, or education matching your profile.

LinkedIn also displays the hiring team in the job description.

4. “Hiring in Your Network”:

LinkedIn Hiring in Your Network Feature for Job Seekers: eAskme


With the “Hiring in Your Network” feature, you can check your network to find new job opportunities or hiring.

5. Use “I’m Interested”:

LinkedIn I’m Interested Feature for Job Seekers: eAskme


LinkedIn’s “I’m Interested” feature is for job seekers.

With this feature, you can let the company know you are interested in working with them.

You can find it on the company’s LinkedIn page. Later, you can share your information and profile privately with the recruiter.


LinkedIn is the biggest professional network, and they understand what Job seekers and recruiters need.

With new features for job seekers, LinkedIn also makes it easy for recruiters to find a suitable candidate for the job.

So do on LinkedIn, and start finding your next job opportunity.

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