April 14, 2023

Four Helpful Features You Can Explore With Online PDF Tools!

Whether a student or a businessman with big responsibilities to manage and organize files and documents, you must be familiar with PDF.

It is one of the widely accepted formats that offer an image view of the document, making it easy to read.

But like other tasks and updates of the software, you might have to make changes to your PDF to update the information.

Is it possible if you are only using the PDF reader?

Four Helpful Features You Can Explore With Online PDF Tools: eAskme
Four Helpful Features You Can Explore With Online PDF Tools: eAskme

You will be surprised to know that many online tools for PDF editing will offer you numerous features to make changes to your file without downloading or purchasing it.

Isn't it exciting?

To explore what advantages you can avail yourself of from online PDF tools, this blog will guide you through one of the most useful features to help you with your PDFs.

Conversion of Your Document:

If you want to convert your PDF into a PowerPoint to present in a meeting or want to do the opposite for the submission, you will not need to download software for it.

No matter what your file is, to convert it into a PDF, you can use online tools features such as SodaPDF to Word converter to change the format of your PDF to Word.

This is a one-click job that saves time and doesn't affect the document's quality.

Editing Of Files:

There are many times when you will need to make changes to your file.

Whether it is about adding new content or removing some of the old, you can use the online PDF tool for any changes you want in your document.

For example, if you want to add a signature or watermark on your file, all you need to do is to drop your file on the website and click for editing.

You can explore many features with the free version of online tools.

If you have bigger projects to manage, you can even get a membership for the advanced file changes.

Making File Secure:

Security of the files is a major concern for many students and businessmen who share confidential information and don't want any third party to get access to it.

It cannot be possible with any other format of the files as no other format offers password protection or encryption for the documents than PDF.

To secure your document from all threats, you can apply a password to your file through an online editing tool and control access to the files.

Only people with a password can gain access and view the information in the PDF, which gives you complete control over your document.

Optimization of Your PDF:

If you want to save space and organize your file on your devices, using a PDF will be a good idea.

It gives the best file size with a smaller footprint unless you have a high-resolution image in your file.

You can compact your file using online editing tools, making it easy to share without waiting longer.

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