February 13, 2024

Podcast SEO: How to Optimize Podcasts for Success?

Do you want to rank your podcasts? If yes, then you need podcast SEO to rank in search results. Podcasts are popular not only with Podcasters but also among SEOs, YouTubers, etc. Since 2019, Google is also ranking podcasts in its search results. You can play podcasts in Google search. Ranking podcasts in Google searches have also increased their visibility and importance. More content creators and SEOs are using podcasts to gain popularity and authority. Users using podcast words in a search will find playable podcasts in search results.

Podcasts and Ideas:

Spotify and iTunes are flooded with more than 8 million podcasts.

Podcasting is not just about talking on the radio or running a radio show; it is about telling what people love to listen to.

According to Digital News report, 50% or more UK users are listening to podcasts to learn something new.

In the United States, Podcast listeners are also interested in learning new things.

So, Podcasts are more than a tool of entertainment. Listeners are more interested in learning new things such as tutorials, how-to stuff, evergreen topics, and current events.

Podcast SEO: eAskme
Podcast SEO: eAskme


Podcasts Topic:

You can talk about anything in your podcasts. Listeners are always interested in vivid topics.

3 of the most popular Podcasts topics are:

  • Real Estate Podcasts
  • Home Improvement Podcasts
  • Personal Injury Podcasts

Even if you do not find a massive audience like YouTube for Podcasts, it is wise to use podcasts to target potential listeners.

With podcasting, your can easily connect with other podcasters; you can interview popular podcasters and grow the reach of your podcasts easily.

How to Optimize Your Podcast to Rank in Search Results?

Optimize Podcast Description:

Podcast optimization starts with a description. Clearly explain your podcast series and what a listener will learn from your podcasts.

Use words that listeners search for.

Summarize Podcast:

Summarize each podcast. Write the topic, details, guest, and main points. You can even use the punchlines that your guest might have used.

Most Popular Podcasting Sites:

Edison Research Study explains that listeners are using multiple platforms to listen to podcasts.

Here are the top sites or apps where people listen to podcasts:

  • YouTube
  • Spotify
  • Apple Podcasts
  • Amazon Music
  • IHeartRadio
  • Facebook
  • Pandora
  • Instagram
  • Google Podcasts
  • Audible
  • The Podcast
  • Soundcloud
  • The Podcast Mobiel App
  • Sticher
  • TuneIn
  • Wondery app
  • Pocket Casts
  • Castbox
  • Luminary

How to Optimize Podcasts for YouTube?

YouTube is the top video platform and the most popular Podcast platform.

You can upload podcasts on YouTube. You can even repurpose your blogging content and create podcasts to share on YouTube or other platforms.

Optimize title, description, hashtags, etc.

How to Optimize Podcasts for Spotify?

Spotify is the most popular podcast platform after YouTube.

You must optimize your Podcasts for Spotify.

Spotify explains how you can optimize your podcasts.

Optimize Spotify Podcast Show Page:

The podcast homepage is known as the podcast show page. Here you should explain what your podcast is all about.

You should add the following:

  • Title
  • Description
  • Logo
  • Follow Button
  • And Episodes list.

Optimize Podcast Artwork:

Use a 3000x3000 resolution image for the podcast artwork. You can use Spotify Artwork Generator to generate artwork for your podcast.

Use brighter colors in your podcast artwork.

SEO Optimize Podcast Description:

Use keywords in your Spotify Podcast description. Use LSI keywords, phrases, and long tail keywords.

SEO Optimize Podcast Episodes Description:

Use keywords in the first 20 words to tell what your podcast is about.

Clearly explain your podcast topic and what you are covering.

Create a trailer for your podcasts.

Podcasts Topics:

There are 3 types of topics that you can use in podcasts:

  1. Evergreen: These topics stay relevant for a very long time.
  2. Trending: These topics are related to the day's or week's hot trends.
  3. Interviews: These topics are for an audience interested in expert interviews.

Creative Podcast Topic Ideas:

You may find it difficult to research topics for the business that are not aligned with podcasting.

Podcasting is the art of storytelling. Listeners will only follow your podcasts if they are narrative.

No matter what you say, make sure that you talk with passion, honesty, and sincerity.

Research Podcast Topics with Google Trends:

Trendy topics easily bring momentum to your podcasts. The secret to creating successful podcasts is writing about fresh topics and engagingly discussing them.

Use Google Trends.

Research Podcast Topics on Twitter:

Check Twitter trends, and you will know what is trending in your country or industry.

Research Podcast Topics with Google News:

Google News is an excellent tool for finding trending topics for your podcasts. Check breaking news and create podcasts with related content.

Evergreen Content Topics:

Evergreen topics stay relevant year after year.

Most popular evergreen topics are in the form of questions, such as;

  • How to
  • How can
  • Where and When
  • Why
  • You can also use topics like:
  • Now to
  • Beginner
  • Basics
  • Training
  • Tips

Research Podcast Topics with Wikipedia:

Wikipedia is where you can find evergreen topics.

Research Podcast Topics with YouTube:

YouTube also works as a search engine. Use it to find evergreen and hot topics for your podcasts.

Podcast Interviews:

Interview industry experts and professionals to gain attention. It is quite an easy way to get a social share from popular people in your industry.


Always transcribe your podcasts. It will help those who cannot listen to your podcasts or listening issues.

Use Microsoft 365 Word to transcribe audio to text.

Create Chapters:

Create podcast chapters to make listeners choose what they want to listen to.


Making your podcast useful is the only way to make it successful.

Summarizing, optimizing, include influencers and industry experts are the easiest ways to grab attention and gain social presence.

Also, promote your podcast on relevant platforms to attract more followers or listeners.

Now, you know Podcast SEO. Get ready to build your podcast community and audience.

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