July 18, 2022

Why is Blogging Important for SEO and Marketing?

Are you into blogging? Why does blogging matter? Are blogs still relevant? Why are SEOs and Marketers still relying on blogging?

It is the reality that every SEO expert and marketer is using blogging to reach the target audience and generate more revenue for his clients.

You may not know the history of blogging, but you surely want to know the current situation and future.

Why is Blogging is Important for SEO and Marketing?: eAskme
Why is Blogging is Important for SEO and Marketing?: eAskme

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Facts show that blogging is still worthwhile.

WordPress report shows that every month 70 million new blog posts get published. WordPress is the biggest blogging platform, with 42% of the blogging market share.

This shows that blogging is getting popular daily and has a bright future.

There are multiple ways how content marketers can reach the target audience, such as videos, ebooks, events, infographics, etc. Yet 90% of businesses rely on blogs to market their products or services.

As millions of posts are getting published every month, how can a business achieve something with overcrowded content?

A business or expert marketer can make a difference with his approach and SEO strategy focused on creating authoritative blog posts.

And for this purpose, you should understand buyers’ personas.

If you are a content marketer or and SEO professional, then at some point, you will also think creating blog posts is still essential.

People spend hours on social media networks; do they care about blogs.

The answer is yes.

Blogging is not a social network where anyone can post anything without relevance.

A blog is an essential asset for a business that is helpful in:

  • Educating customers about the products or services.
  • Market your business and bring customers to your website.
  • Build trust and authority.

You can achieve this only with influential blog posts.

Blogs are essential, but it takes time to create a substantial blog post according to the audience and SEO.

But why blogging is still relevant.

Here is what you must know.

Why is blogging essential for SEO and Marketing?

Blogs Build Trust and Loyal Audience:

How can a blog help your business to build trust and a loyal customer base?

Blogging is a great way to feed your customer what he/she is interested in and, at the same time, tell them how your product is better for them without even marketing your product.

Such educative information makes people trust your brand and become regular visitors to your website.

This strategy also helps in building authority for your business blog.

A blog works on the strategy of slow and steady wins the race.

You can slowly attract your target audience by regularly providing helpful information in the shape of blog posts.

Prove your expertise and make your audience trust you.

Blog helps you follow Eat concept that stands for expert, authority, and trust.

EAT is not a ranking factor, yet you should follow it to show Google your expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness.

And to meet that standard, your blog post should be relevant, informative, factual, and accurate.

Blogging Improve Brand Visibility:

Blogging improves brand visibility with content.

SEO-optimized blog posts rank better in search engine results. Therefore, your blog should satisfy not only Google but also answer the visitor’s query.

Use keywords in your content, title, and subheading. Publish well-researched content copy.

Interlinking or Internal linking is also essential to connect blog posts. It improves navigation and makes people spend more time on your blog.

This strategy improves authority, visibility, and awareness.

Content length is also essential, but it is more about adding more information to your post rather than just adding meaningless words.

Creative visuals also play an essential role in improving user engagement and content visibility.

Blogging Improves Brand Awareness:

Unique tones and evergreen posts make your brand look healthy and helpful.

Fresh and informative content improves search ranking and grabs more traffic to your blog from search engines.

Work on improving your SERP presence.

Spend time on topic research, content creation, proofreading, and SEO optimization to improve brand awareness.

Blogging Increase Customers:

Customers are the need of every business.

Without customers, there will be no revenue.

Blogging is the best way to make new people find your site and make them subscribe to your email newsletter.

Email subscribers have more potential to buy from the business than people who do not join the email list.

The email list shows your relationship with your audience.

Also, work on improving the open email rate.

Blogging Boost Engagement:

SEOs and digital marketers are working hard to find new and more customers.

Blogging is the best tool to share content on social media and educate your audience.

Your audience can also share your products and services on their social media accounts.

It is a great way to boost engagement with the help of social shares, likes, and comments.

Blogging engages your target audience with your business.

Blogging Teaches You What Customer want:

So what does the customer want?

If you know the answer and deliver that faster, you will surely outrank your competitors.

Try to answer your customer’s queries in blog posts.

Do some research to find out the areas where your customers are struggling.

Publish the solution in your blog post.

Let the audience leave questions and feedback.

This will help your brand improve its marketing strategies.

Future of Blogging:

Blogging has a future but only for those who put effort into:

  • Understanding customers
  • Offering the best solutions
  • Updating old content
  • Getting rid of outdated strategies, and doing everything to please their customers.

Blogging is Changing:

Now you know the history of blogging and the Future of Blogging.

Blogging is more about quality, effectiveness, marketing, and solution.

You should not publish content to fill your website with blog posts.

Your focus should be on creative, valuable, authoritative blog posts that both search engines and your audience find helpful.

Here are the few things that you must do to future-proof your blogging:

  • First, share your content on multiple channels. Use content syndication, podcasts, and social media channels to promote your content.
  • Add creative visuals such as infographics, gifs, short videos, pictures, etc.
  • Improve search engine ranking to attract maximum organic traffic.


Blogging is relevant in 2022.

Use more tools to power up your blogs, such as SEO, promotions, etc.

Use best on-page SEO practices to make your blog post search engine friendly.

Improve your SEO strategy with time and according to major search engines.

A blog is a powerful tool for content marketing and SEO. Use it wisely.

If you still have any question, feel free to ask me via comments.

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