April 03, 2017

How To Re-Publish Your Existing Blog Posts On Medium To Drive Extra Traffic

Do you know that content curation can help you gain more traffic and more exposure for your blog or website. When it comes to curate content on the most powerful and engaging sites, Medium.com is the name which is always counted.

Medium allows you to publish content or stories on its platform. All you need is to sign up and start writing. But today I am going to tell you how It will help you to gain more traffic for your blog post

If you are a blogger or content marketer then you should know that traffic to old posts is really necessary to keep them worthy and valuable.

You can easily republish your blog content on Medium.com and attract more traffic for your old blog posts.

Time to Republish Your Blog Posts on Medium to Drive addon traffic : eAskme
Time to Republish Your Blog Posts on Medium to Drive addon traffic : eAskme
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Today, I will discuss about how you can easily import blog content on medium to accelerate your blog traffic for new or old posts.

Now the big question that you may ask to me is:

How to deal with copy content when you publish the same content of content curation sites?

Here is the really simple answer.

Medium use rel=canonical tag to tell search engines that actual authority of the article or content belongs to your blog or the website from where you are sharing the content.

What is Medium.com?

Medium is one of the most popular content curation platform to share content or recreate content. They are not only user friendly but also most engaged site for content curation worldwide.

This makes it a really quality platform for content promoters and bloggers to republish and promote their content to increase traffic absolutely free.

How to create Account on Medium.com?

It is quite easy to create an account on Medium. You can easily sign up via email or various social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter and Google plus

It will ask you to choose interests and follow some popular accounts then complete the signup process.

After sign-in, you are allowed to create and share stories. You can also follow publications and people to engage with them.

In this content curation with Medium.com guide,  will discuss how you can easily import to republish and share content on Medium to boost traffic for your existing articles.

A complete guide to content syndication on Medium.com:

On Medium.com you can not only write your own content but you can also import already published content by using import tool.

You can add republish your own content and also republish the content of others which you think is helpful for the readers.

When you import an article from your own blog or blog of someone else, you will no find any image or video in the imported article. You can add the images manually and publish.

Let`s start your journey to republish blog posts on Medium.com:

You can no only republish your own content but you can also publish the popular stories that you find on internet.

Sharing viral stories on medium, helps your content to be more popular.

You can also use the tools like Buzzsumo to find the most popular content in last few days, weeks or year from your own site or blog of others.
  • Now go to Import tool
  • Enter the link of your blog post to import.
  • Hit "import" button.
Now you will see all the text content with formatting extracted from your existing post and published on Medium.com.

You will also find the link with rel=canonical tag at the end of every post that you have imported. The link will be pointing to the original source of the content.

Before you hit the publish button, I advise you to add related images to make your article more effective and engaging.

Always us the images that you have right to distribute or you cna use free stock image sites to find free images.

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Hit "See your story" to edit the content and add images that you have already used in the original article.

Medium also allows you to customize the title and permalink of your article for better search engine optimization.
  • Click on the "...", on the top right side and you will see options to customize title and link.
  • Choose "Customize Link" to customize the link for your article.
  • Now save it.
The next thing is to add relevant tags. Medium allows you to add upto 5 relevant tags, if you do not find the tag you are looking for then you can create your own.
  • Now you are ready to publish your content on Medium.
  • Branding opportunity and Curate content with Medium Publications:
  • Medium publication allows you to create a topic or brand name.

Here are the some advantages of Medium Publications:

  • Directly import blog post content.
  • Add posts from Profile to publication
  • Easily curate already published stories of others.
  • Engage with various editors and authors.
  • You can create many publications
Medium.com also allows you to schedule price of your content publishing for later date.

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You can also use their android or iOS app to stay connected using your smartphone also.

It is a great idea if you publish a story on profile and also import that story in your publication.

Now the question is how your story can grab huge traffic from Medium? Let`s see.

How to get maximum traffic from Medium.com:

  • Create stunning and most attractive headlines
  • Use relevant tags.
  • Ask the readers to like and share if they find it helpful.
  • Let the readers know that they can subscribe your profile and publication.
  • Do share on social media networks.
As a blogger, it is really important that you start getting maximum amount of traffic from every possible source.

Medium is a really great place to boost your blog post traffic with content syndication technique.

This is the way how you can easily create or republish the content on medium.coma and boost traffic for your blog posts. In this guide to content syndication on medium.com you have learned the way to boost your traffic.

Do share which content syndication platform you use? Have you ever used medium.com?

Don`t forget to share, what you like here.