December 06, 2023

How to Rank Any Websites Top on Google: The Ultimate Guide You Should Know

In digital markets and online businesses, websites are the most efficient tools to share information.

Therefore, ranking on the first page of the Google search engine is the best exposure for websites, and it is only suitable to groom your website to Google's most valued listing.

A website's SEO score determines its position when it is searched; hence maintaining a high score should be the priority.

How to Rank Any Websites Top on Google: The Ultimate Guide You Should Know In 2022: eAskme
How to Rank Any Websites Top on Google: The Ultimate Guide You Should Know In 2021: eAskme

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SEO is the acronym for Search Engine Optimization, increasing the website's visibility on search engine pages.

It is basically how accessible your website is to a search engine user and searches engine crawler depending on the most common searches.

SEO is a continuously changing concept based on numerous changes made by Google, and every website owner focuses on maintaining high scores.

The first crucial step of improving SEO score is a website having domain authority. Also known as thought leadership, this describes how relevant your website is in your specific niche.

Domain authority represents the prestige and quality of a brand among its competition.

For people opening new websites, choosing a great domain name should be the first step in having excellent thought leadership.

A domain name is exciting and rhymes easily, hence fast to remember.

The domain name also reflects your website's centrality and should have a part of a keyword or phrase common in the specialty of the business.

Most of the critical points in obtaining a fantastic SEO score hinge on a website's necessities initially; therefore, website owners have already done some of these things.

However, this guide is crucial in maintaining a business website to attract your target audience.

Should you need further expert guidance, you can look for a reputable SEO Singapore agency.

Website ranking factors you need to know:

Website ranking factors you need to know: eAskme

It is essential to focus on a few things that Google or other search engines require from your website to list on the first search page.


First of all, ensure your website is up to date and ensure to emit any expired or broken links from your site.

You can improve speed by using accessible website designs, enabling cache storage, and using high-quality images.

Having such mishaps that lead to 404 error negatively impact your search results and make the user avoid your site at all costs!


Secondly, create a mobile-friendly website due to the increased use of mobile devices to access Google.

Mobile-friendly websites should have high-speed page loading speed to improve the user's experience and Google ranking.

A load time that lasts for more than ten seconds could cost you significant traffic, which your website most definitely needs.

An appropriate mobile website also has notable characters that capture the searcher's attention.

On this point, the website should use large buttons that are easy to tap on due to the size of the fingers compared to the screen.

Ensure the site's official page has just the right amount of words, not too many yet giving enough information to describe its purpose.

Pop-ups are a fantastic way to promote this, but not too many to affect the speed.


Backlinks are another meaningful way to optimize your website.

Backlinks are important notifications that other websites vouch for your quality and impeccable website experience.

If many websites link to the same web page, the search engine interprets that a particular page has good credit and is worth being presented in their first search engine pages.

Backlinks are a great way to promote a website on Google because they give confidence depending on their trustworthiness.

They are a great way to improve SEO scores and maintain them for a long time. Other users also find your website through backlinks and give your website more traffic.


For the longest time, gaining traffic to your website was a marketing strategy by experts to increase SEO scores.

Traffic means the number of Google users that visit your website, hence awarding it several "views."

Organic traffic is much easier to achieve today due to paid in-app advertisements on most online platforms, directly linked to the website being marketed.

If you would like to know the people that visit your website, Google analytics has a straightforward guide, and this can help you determine the visitors' reach on your site.

With this knowledge, you may be prompted to increase your reach hence an additional SEO score.


A more significant way to increase your user reach is by using important keywords in the related industry in your website domain and all articles posted on the website.

Using keywords in descriptions or titles organically adds to traffic, giving your website top rankings on Google.

There are two types of keywords used to achieve this; informational and transactional.

Transactional keywords focus on the user's reason for the search, for example, best-reviewed, top purchases, and free shipping.

On the other hand, informational keywords use basic pronouns easily typed by users such as how, where, what, and even top.

When you realize a heavy drop in the traffic on your site, it is crucial to reevaluate the health of your website.

Sometimes Google may ban your site due to web server issues, blacklisting, mail server problems, and even DNS issues.

Run quick checks on MxToolBox to fix some of these issues to have a well and running website again.

Importance of great URLs for top ranking

The paramount importance of the URLs on your website is they directly take a search engine user to the most accurate results.

Importance of great URLs for top ranking: eAskme

A few things to modify your URLs are;

1. Simplicity:

You want your URLs to be as general, precise, and convincing as possible.

The advantage of simple URLs is how quickly the search engine understands it, and the person is searching for information.

As much as URLs can have codes, make them as user-friendly as possible to obtain as many website visits.

2. Use hyphens to separate your words:

Hyphens are easy to read through, unlike other characters hence making the URLs appear on the first pages of Google.

Also, hyphens make reading much easier, especially if the tone used on your URL is definitive, like a sentence.

3. Lastly, use lowercase letters:

Capital letters are obnoxious and cause so much confusion due to how repetitive they are.

Primarily, titles are written in capitals and may give the wrong direction to a user.

Optimize your website using a keyword with a URL from the site, with sites such as Moz showing where you rank for main keywords.

How to modify your website for higher ranking:

To identify with your brand niche, the users need to determine how reliable your website or business is.

Growing a brand on various social media platforms tends to make users familiar with the brand enough to visit their websites.

How to modify your website for higher ranking: eAskme


Create relatable content to attract your niche and communicate with them to gain confidence and, most importantly, trust.

Great content improves traffic on your site and, most importantly, helps grow the business by building a well-knit community.

Especially for mobile users, it is essential to optimize local searches on your website to appear on the first search page of the engine for a particular location.

Including your area gives you an edge, especially when visitors are interested in the product or information within the zone, making your website a viable option.

It is vital to optimizing the voice search on your website for easier accessibility, especially while using smartphones.

Voice search is time-saving and easier to use, giving users a better experience with your website.

In addition, when they leave excellent ratings and encourage website users, your website is more likely to be ranked higher, appearing among the first search pages.

A more obvious but overlooked feature that website owners fail to emphasize is a good website structure.

A website with a good word structure is more likely to be deciphered by crawlers because of the fast information it's giving.

Ensure your website provides a Google user with the information they require before clicking because a quick sweep over the words encourages curiosity.

The quality of your link structure is crucial in this case, as explained above by the importance of having quality URLs.


With the increasing tech-savvy generation, website competition is a growing game that only brands willing to evolve will hack.

It is important to note a few of these essential steps when opening a website, but as soon as you learn what it takes to remain competitive, you have the upper hand and get the most out of the website.

Therefore, several key things to note to keep high SEO scores are maintaining an easy exploration of the website, fast speeds, and offering the best website experience.

Remember also to use backlinks from trustworthy websites to increase organic traffic and add to your ranking.

It is also essential to invest in website assistant tools to sustain the ever-changing SEO score count, especially when you miss the many modifications made by Google to fit the growing markets.

It is very affordable to maintain a great website so long as you are willing to understand what it entails to keep its relevance, and I hope you learn a great deal from this article.

If you still have any question, feel free to ask me via comments.

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