October 27, 2023

X (Formerly Twitter) is Testing Not a Bot Program $1/Year Subscription to Reduce Spam

By Sona Mathews

X (Formerly Twitter) is trying hard to get rid of spam accounts.

X is testing the “Not A Bot” program to block spammers and bots from using the X platform.

With the “Not A Bot” program, the new “X” user needs to pay $1/year to access content and engage with the platform.

Users who are not willing to pay $1/year will have read-only access to the “X” platform.

X (Formerly Twitter) is hoping that the new program will reduce bots and spammers.

The company is not making this fee a profit driver program.

Right now, “X” is testing the “Not a Bot” program in two countries:

  • New Zealand
  • Philippines

What is a “Not a Bot” Program?

X (Formerly Twitter) is Testing Not a Bot Program $1/Year Subscription to Reduce Spam: eAskme
X (Formerly Twitter) is Testing Not a Bot Program $1/Year Subscription to Reduce Spam: eAskme

X’s “Not a Bot” program is under testing in two countries for new users.

A new user must verify his account using a phone number.

After verification, they will get the option to pay $1/year to engage on the “X” platform or stay as a read-only user.

With the “Not a Bot” program, spammers will not have access to social media content. If the company gets positive results, then “Not a Bot” will become a necessary feature of “X.”

What Benefits “Not a Bot” Subscriber Will Get?

By paying $1/year, the “Not a Bot” feature allows you to;

  • Share posts
  • List posts.
  • Bookmark posts
  • Repost or quote the posts.
  • Reply to the posts.

Without paying a $1/year fee, the new user will only have read-only benefits such as;

  • Read Tweets
  • Follow others
  • Watch Videos

Not a Bot Terms and Conditions:

X’s “Not a Bot” terms and conditions clearly state that a user is not entitled to a refund. The company can change, edit, and even pause the program without refunds.


The “Not a Bot” program is there to help “X” company reduce spammers from its platform.

It is also the fact that scammers are already paying $8/month for X premium features.

But a premium subscription will surely stop account farms and bot account creation on the “X” platform.

“Not a Bot” is still a beta program, and it is not sure if the company will roll out a new program worldwide or not. It is best to wait for the beat test results and know the future of the “Not a Bot” program on “X.”

Do you want to pay $1/year to access content on X (Formerly Twitter)?

What do you think about the “Not a Bot” program?

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