November 06, 2023

AdSense is Changing the Publisher Revenue Share Structure of Payment

By Sona Mathews

AdSense is changing publisher revenue share structure from pay-per-click to pay-per-impression.

Google launched AdSense 20 years ago, and since then, it has become a popular way to monetize blogs and websites. Traditionally, AdSense was paying on the basis of clicks. But it is going to change now.

After 20 years of its launch, AdSense has decided to switch from pay-per-click to pay-per-impression.

AdSense is Changing the Publisher Revenue Share Structure of Payment: eAskme
AdSense is Changing the Publisher Revenue Share Structure of Payment: eAskme

With this announcement, it is now sure that most of the publishers will receive similar payments for the number of impressions received.

Google AdSense's new payment system will go live in 2024.

AdSense blog post shows that 2 changes are coming:

  • Change in Revenue Share Structure
  • Change from Pay-per-click to pay-per-impression.

The published will earn 68% of revenue from the Google AdSense publisher program.

Google has also announced that it will take 15% of the advertiser fee. The rest, 85%, will get to the AdSense. Then Google will take 20% from AdSense, and the rest of the revenue will be sent to the publisher.

For example, if an advertiser is spending $1, then Google will cut 0.15 cents, and the rest will go to AdSense. Then AdSense will cut 17 cents, and the remaining revenue of 68 cents will go to the publisher.

Google has published this image to explain the structure.

New AdSense Pay-per-Impression Structure:

Google AdSense has said that the new AdSense pay structure will not affect the number of ads and the publisher websites.

AdSense Publishers' Reaction:

Publishers with Google AdSense accounts have started a discussion on WebmasterWorld about the upcoming changes to the Google AdSense program.

Here are the reasons:

Opinion: Wait

Some publishers are waiting before making any comment about the new AdSense policies. They want to see what happens after the new AdSense revenue share structure is applied.

Opinion: Bad for Advertisers and Publishers

Some publishers were discussing that pay-per-impression will make publishers put more ads on every page to generate more impressions. This won't be good for user experience.

Publishers may also stop worrying about the content quality as they are not making the visitor click the ad anymore.

Without a click, there will not be any benefit for the advertiser.

Opinion: Good for Publishers

Someone shared that it will be good for Google, as, like every other company, Google wants to make more money.

But, it will also be beneficial for publishers as sometimes ads don't get clicked. But in the pay-per-impression method, publishers will still get paid for displaying ads.


AdSense publishers are always keeping a keen eye on changes in AdSense policies and programs. Google's blog post has explained in detail the new payment structure for AdSense publishers.

If you are also using Google AdSense on your blog or website, then you should be aware of these changes and be ready for what is coming next.

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