November 02, 2023

LinkedIn is Celebrating 1 Billion Members with a New AI-powered Experience

LinkedIn has published a post announcing the 1 billion active users on its platform. LinkedIn offers free new AI-powered tools and features to improve user experience and job search.

With new LinkedIn AI-powered Tools, you can experience the following:

  • Better career support
  • Better job opportunities
  • Build more connections
  • Get tips to improve skills

In today’s AI era, LinkedIn is trying to stay the number one and most loved professional network.

LinkedIn uses AI technology to streamline the job search, offer career tips, and discover career opportunities.

LinkedIn is Celebrating 1 Billion Members with a New AI-powered Experience: eAskme
LinkedIn is Celebrating 1 Billion Members with a New AI-powered Experience: eAskme

LinkedIn AI-Powered Experience Will Improve:

  • Tailored AI profile writing suggestions.
  • AI-powered messaging suggestions for hiring managers.
  • Add a custom button to your profile.
  • Signal “Top Choice Job” to boost job application suggestions.

LinkedIn Personal Skill Tips:

LinkedIn Premium Experience will help you work on the skills gap.

The LinkedIn report says that 65% of skills will change by 2030.

LinkedIn AI will suggest skills you need to improve based on user activity.

You will also get article suggestions and what to read on LinkedIn for professional growth.

LinkedIn AI-Powered Job Search:

LinkedIn AI Chatbot will work as a “Job Seeker Coach.”

LinkedIn uses the OpenAI GPT-4 Language model to empower job search tools. It will analyze your LinkedIn profile and understand your qualifications for the job.

LinkedIn Premium users can activate a chatbot to ask questions and job postings.

The new AI Chatbot will scan your profile to offer tips and suggestions.

What more is coming?

LinkedIn has faced slower revenue growth. Now, the company is targeting users with new and improved tools. It will help the user to stay on LinkedIn, find relevant jobs, and keep the LinkedIn best professional network online.

You should know that LinkedIn has already removed 700 employees from their jobs.

It shows that job requirements are changing. It is when you should learn about necessary skills and update yourself.


LinkedIn is still the number one professional social media network, with 1 billion users worldwide. The largest professional network is offering better features to find jobs. The company is also improving job seeker and hiring manager connections.

If you are a professional looking for a job or job change, then LinkedIn is a must for you. Create your job profile on LinkedIn and start looking for new opportunities, as well as free training from LinkedIn.

Many professional and social media networks are now adopting AI tools or technologies. Most of the AI tools are powered by ChatGPT. Brands are also developing their own AI technologies to improve user experience.

LinkedIn also develops tools to improve user experience in the coming days, weeks, or months.

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