July 12, 2023

Microsoft Launched New AI Skills Training and Resources at LinkedIn, Skill for Jobs Initiative

Microsoft and LinkedIn came together to launch free AI skills training and certification program. It is part Skills for Jobs initiative.

Microsoft and LinkedIn use AI technology to empower employees' skills and enrich the workforce.

You can now access new AI skills training and resources at LinkedIn Learning. With this launch, LinkedIn users will have access to tools and knowledge that can help them harness the power of AI technology.

Microsoft wants you to learn an I because it can help you improve your work, life and balance.

Skills are also becoming their requirement. Marketing, business and other high-end jobs.

Businesses are already looking for professionals.

Skills to use AI technologies. It is the best time when Microsoft has launched this free air training course.

Let's find out more.

Microsoft Free AI Training course at LinkedIn:

Microsoft Launched New AI Skills Training and Resources at LinkedIn, Skill for Jobs Initiative: eAskme
Microsoft Launched New AI Skills Training and Resources at LinkedIn, Skill for Jobs Initiative: eAskme

Microsoft has developed a free AI Skills Initiative coursework with LinkedIn.

In this course, you will find an introduction and issues around AI technology.

Right now, it is only available in English. It's soon, and you will find a free training course available in many other languages.

You will not just complete this air training course; after completion, you will also get a professional certificate in generative AI.

Getting a certificate from Microsoft itself and achievement. To start, you must have a LinkedIn profile.

You will get a free AI Skills challenge on Microsoft Clerk, and Educators will use a trainer to kit with AI content.

With these, you will learn important ask skills necessary to understand AI technology with Microsoft.
This course will remain free till 2025.

What do you get in this course?

You will get 5 instructional videos for 4 hours., such as;

It is just that. First, you complete all 5 videos. Only after that can you access the certification exam.

You will get a certificate if you pass the free AI certification exam from Microsoft 10.

You can display this certification in your LinkedIn profile and share it on other social networks.

Why AI Skills Training?

Microsoft Skills Training Program with LinkedIn satisfies the need for professional AI training.

As it is becoming an important job, according to the World Economic Forum report, AI is the third-most priority for companies' training programs.

As the demand for AI increases, the worries that AI can replace jobs.

70% of people are interested in AI, and 49% worry that AI can take their jobs.

With Microsoft AI Training, employees will understand AI technologies and their utilization.


Microsoft's LinkedIn Free AI Skills Training program will help millions understand how AI works. With AI skills training, you will be approachable for high in demand jobs such as cyber security.

AI Skills Initiative is just the first step.

There will be a lot. A lot are coming in the field. AI technologies for jobs and lifestyle.

It takes time to innovation, partnership and demand.

So we are focused on what AI brings to us, and also, you should know how it will impact your life at state universities to know more about air technologies, innovations and what is coming next for you.

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