November 10, 2023

Tumblr Failed: But CEO Matt Mullenweg Not Shutting it Down

CEO of Automattic Matt Mullenweg has confirmed that Tumblr is failing. The company has spent almost 100 million to save Tumblr and achieve its earning targets, but they have massively failed in its efforts.

Matt Mullenweg's internal memo leaked online by someone at Tumblr displayed his plans of shifting current Tumblr employees to other Automattic production services. It is like Tumblr is not quitting on its employees but giving them a chance to shuffle in other productive teams.

Tumblr Failed no shutting down Automattic Matt Mullenweg: eAskme
Tumblr Failed no shutting down Automattic Matt Mullenweg: eAskme

Matt Mullenweg has also confirmed that this leaked memo is genuine and explains what is happening in Tumblr.

Why has Tumblr failed?

Tumblr is a popular social network with millions of users, yet it has failed to reach its earnings targets.

Automattic purchased Tumblr from Verizon by paying dollar 3 million in 2019. Before the Automattic Tumblr vassal to Verizon by Yahoo, Verizon had paid $1.1 billion for this.

Matt Mullenweg spent 100 million dollars to save Tumblr and turn around the tables.

The result is not as expected.

What will happen to Tumblr employees?

Automattic has no plan to shut down the Tumblr. But they are shuffling 139 employees from the Tumblr products side and giving them a chance to join other jobs at Automattic.

It also means that Tumblr employees from the trust and safety or customer support teams will be shuffled.

Matt Mullenweg has referenced three teams that are working for Tumblr by their names:

  • Trust and safety team known as T&S.
  • Customer service team known as Happiness.
  • Product side team known as Bumblr.

What is the future of Tumblr?

Automattic has no plan to shut down Tumblr. The company is looking at options to reduce expenses at Tumblr and shifting current employees to other productive teams.

With reduced employees, the company will look at ways to save Tumblr.

We hope that we can still use Tumblr in 2024, and let's see what the upcoming changes to the top of things and its future are.


Tumblr has been a popular social media platform for users, bloggers, marketers, etc. But, it is facing a hard time to earn for the company.

Even though Automattic has not planned to shut down Tumblr, there are chances that you should start looking for Tumblr Alternatives.

Do you use Tumblr?

Here is the leaked Tumblr memo.

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