January 07, 2019

9 Best Tumblr Alternatives: High Authority Sites Like Tumblr to Boost Blogging

Why you need Tumblr Alternatives? The big reason is that blogging is one of the most effective ways to spread the word and create effective communication. This is the reason why every business must have a blog. For individuals, blogging can be life-changing.

As an individual to start a blog, you need to choose one of the best blogging platforms.

9 Best Tumblr Alternatives: Best Sites Like Tumblr to Boost Blogging: eAskme
9 Best Tumblr Alternatives: Best Sites Like Tumblr to Boost Blogging: eAskme

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What is Tumblr

What is Tumblr: 9 Best Tumblr Alternatives: Best Sites Like Tumblr to Boost Blogging: eAskme

Tumblr has always been an easy to use blogging platform.

Tumblr was launched to create small blogs to spread the words or ideas by sharing videos, images, links, and text.

In short, you can share everything or anything on Tumblr blogs.

But Tumblr is not able to satisfy the need for extensive or passionate blogging.

Newbie bloggers always look for various alternatives to Tumblr to blog quickly and effectively.

Today, I am sharing some of the most popular and user-friendly Tumblr alternatives.

Best Tumblr Alternatives: Sites like Tumblr to boost blogging


Blogger: 9 Best Tumblr Alternatives: Best Sites Like Tumblr to Boost Blogging: eAskme

Blogger or Blogspot is one of the most popular free blogging platforms. It is also among the best free Tumblr alternatives. Google owns it.

It is super easy to start a blog on this Tumbler alternative.

You need to log in using your Gmail is and password, and you are on the first page to start a blog.

You can run upto 100 blogs using one blogger account. Blogger gives you some of the useful options such as stats, traffic source, most visited pages, etc.

To monetize your blogger blog with Adsense, you must use a custom domain name.

Bloggers have received a lot of helpful updates in the past few years, and now it is a useful alternative to Tumblr.

This gives you access to multi-user support, custom domain name integration, and almost all the blogging features that you can find in the sites like Tumblr.

You can also integrate the blog commenting system on Blogger. There is one thing that you may not like about Blogger, and that is that you cannot host your blog on a server of your choice.


  • Owned By Google
  • User-friendly
  • Easy to integrate Adsense


  • Less customization
  • Limited Plugins
  • Google has control over your content.

Blogger is for:

  • Hobby bloggers
  • Users who do not have the money or are exceptionally well in using blogger.
Site: Blogger.com


WordPress: 9 Best Tumblr Alternatives: Best Sites Like Tumblr to Boost Blogging: eAskme

There is no doubt that WordPress is the best blogging platform to start self-hosted blogging. If you want to know the best alternative to Tumblr, then WordPress hold the Number one position.

WordPress comes in two formats. Free WordPress.com and self-hosted Wordpress. It is a powerful content management system.

You can either start a free blog on WordPress.com or launch a self-hosted blog using WordPress CMS.

WordPress allows you to customize your blog according to your choice.

To create a successful blog on WordPress, you need four things, such as;
  1. Niche
  2. Creative Domain name
  3. Web Hosting with support
  4. Premium themes
Once you have these, then you can launch your blog. WordPress also offer you tons of basic and advanced plugins that you must use to optimize your WordPress blog.

You can use social plugins, customize tags and categories, use SEO plugins, etc.

WordPress gives you complete control of your blog.


  • Fully customizable
  • User-friendly
  • Complete Control
  • Support


  • Need to pay the price
  • Need to handle scripts and plugins

Who should start a blog on WordPress:

  • Newbie bloggers
  • Professional bloggers or business sites
  • People interested in online business
Site: WordPress.com


Ghost: 9 Best Tumblr Alternatives: Best Sites Like Tumblr to Boost Blogging: eAskme

Ghost is a popular open source blogging platform similar to Tumblr. You can find it identical to WordPress also.

Ghost also comes in both paid and free versions. Ghost web server package cost you $19/month, and self-hosted can cost you $5-$10/month.

It runs on Node.js runtime environment. It is one of the fast alternatives to Tumblr.

Ghost is a fast and reliable Tumblr alternative. It also offers 14 days free trails.


  • Easy to use interface.
  • Responsive
  • Automatic formatting
  • Direct code injection.


  • Costly plans
  • Under development

Ghost is for:

  • Users who do not care about formatting
  • Bloggers who are looking for easy to use interface.
Site: Ghost.org


Medium: 9 Best Tumblr Alternatives: Best Sites Like Tumblr to Boost Blogging: eAskme

Many of you might not be aware of the fact that Medium launched by ex CEO of Twitter. Medium is a clean Tumblr alternative.

Medium is one of the best websites like tumblr that allows you to create a blog using text, images, videos, and links. The medium has gained the popularity because of its clean interface.

On Medium, you will find the quality content with the right number of traffic. Once you start publishing on Medium, it will give you options to share on Twitter and Facebook.

Medium is for writers. Writers who love to share stories use Medium to spread their words.

You can use tags, keyboard shortcuts and text editor on Medium. The medium also allows you to import posts. You can follow other authors to boost outreach.  This Tumblr alternative also allows you to use the custom domain name.


  • The best place to publish curated content
  • You can schedule posts
  • You can set the privacy of the posts
  • Use stats to check engagement


  • Lack of Customization
  • No tracking
  • No Ad support

Medium is for:

  • Bloggers want to boost content outreach
  • Bloggers want to increase participation
Site: medium.com


Mastodon: 9 Best Tumblr Alternatives: Best Sites Like Tumblr to Boost Blogging: eAskme

Like Tumblr, Mastodon is also a popular microblogging platform. You will find it similar to twitter too. This Tumblr alternative allows you to create posts, follow others and boost readership.

If you like micro-blogging, then Mastodon is the must-have Tumblr Alternative for you.

On Mastodon, you can share posts, reshare posts, and write comments.

You can use hotkeys on Mastodon.


  • Different servers for the different type of content
  • Vast community
  • Ad-free
  • Decentralized


  • For a newbie, there can be confusion.

Mastodon is for:

  • Ad-free Microblogging.
Site: mastodon.social


PostHaven: 9 Best Tumblr Alternatives: Best Sites Like Tumblr to Boost Blogging: eAskme

Posthaven is another good Tumblr alternative that you do not want to miss. But it is not free. You have to pay $5month to use posthaven.

Posthaven allows you to create upto ten blogs for $5/month.

This alternative to Tumblr offers you some unique features such as password-protected blogs, login activity notification, etc.

Posthaven is still growing, and there is a lot will happen in coming days on this site like Tumblr. There is no free trial on this site.

To use this site like Tumblr you have to pay a monthly fee.


  • Balanced features


  • No trail
  • Scattered information
Site: http://posthaven.com/


Soup: 9 Best Tumblr Alternatives: Best Sites Like Tumblr to Boost Blogging: eAskme

Do you want a site that is similar to Tumblr then you will be amazed to use Soup? Soup matches Tumblr in every way. It is one of the best matching Tumblr alternatives.

You can create a blog and then post anything you want such as images, text, videos, and links. You can also import posts from social networks on Soup.

Soup allows you to share your posts on Facebook automatically.

You can also join already existing soup groups to boost your outreach. You can use these groups to extend the reach of your content.

You can also use custom domain on a soup blog.

Soup is known as a micro-blogging platform, and that is why you cannot get everything that you will find in WordPress blogging.


  • Similar to Tumblr
  • Easy customization
  • Use Email for Auto posting


  • Lack of customized plugins
  • Lack of support

The soup blogging platform is for:

  • Hobby Bloggers
Site: Soup.io


Typepad: 9 Best Tumblr Alternatives: Best Sites Like Tumblr to Boost Blogging: easkme

Typepad is the most popular and influential tumblr alternative. The major businesses such as BBC, ABC, and MSNBC are using Typepad to host their blogs.

Typepad offers a built-in analytics tool so that you can track the performance of your content.

The content created on Typepad also gets free promotion on Typepad network. This is an easy way to boost traffic and engagement.

You can use Google analytics and CSS editing on this Tumbler alternative. Typepad also offers the free trial.


  • High Authority
  • Easy to import posts
  • Custom domain integration


  • You need to pay a monthly fee.
  • Not as customizable as WordPress.

Typepad is for:

  • Bloggers want to run a blog on high authority platforms.
Site: typepad.com


Twitter: 9 Best Tumblr Alternatives: Best Sites Like Tumblr to Boost Blogging: easkme

When it comes to finding the best sites like Tumblr, I cannot miss mentioning the biggest microblogging platform Twitter.

Twitter is the best microblogging Tumblr alternative.

Twitter allows you to share the post in small tweets and make a big impression. On Twitter, you can grow your tweet readership by following others and retweeting. It is easy to grow on twitter if you behave professionally.

You can add links, share text, videos, and images in your tweets.

You extend your tweet reach you should use hashtags.

Hashtags will help you share your tweet in front of the more significant community which follows that hashtag.


  • Easy to use
  • Easy to increase followers
  • Authentic platform


  • Word limit, cannot publish long tweets.
  • Followers limit

Twitter is for:

  • Bloggers in love with microblogging
Site: Twitter.com

Final Words:

These are few of the most popular Tumblr alternatives for you. You can use them to start a blog or promote your content. Some of these alternatives give you more than what you expect from a site like Tumblr.

Which one of these Tumblr alternatives has attracted you the most?

Which Tumblr alternative is new for you?

Do share via comments.

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