December 23, 2023

Biocentrism Debunked! The Reality of Time and Space from Philosophy and Science

Biocentrism has shaken the world of science and philosophy. The term works as a rising concern for philosophers and scientists. Believe it or not, it changes our thoughts about the world, space, and time.

There are two different theories. One that supports Biocentrism and another that is against it.

But why is everyone getting really into Biocentrism?

To understand that, you first need to know what biocentrism is.

What is Biocentrism?

Biocentrism Debunked! Robert Lanza's theory of The Reality of Time and Space from Philosophy and Science: eAskme
Biocentrism Debunked! Robert Lanza's theory of The Reality of Time and Space from Philosophy and Science: eAskme

Biocentrism is the term that comes with another name, Robert Lanza. In 2007, Robert Lanza first talked about Biocentrism, explaining that consciousness is a living force that has shaped the world.

He believes that there is nothing more critical than Biocentrism. Our perceptions and beliefs are the driving force.

In other words, biology is behind the creation of this world and other worlds. It also means that physics is not the actual force.

What are the driving forces in Biocentrism?

According to the Biocentrism theory, the following are the forces that drive and shape our world:

  1. Consciousness
  2. Perceptions
  3. Existence

History of Biocentrism:

During my research, I have yet to find any traces of Biocentrism before 2007. It was Robert Lanza who openly talked about debunking the Biocentrism theory in his publication.

He said that Biocentrism tells how consciousness and life are the key players in the universe's construction.

His theory has challenged the traditional beliefs of science and philosophy.

Biocentrism Supporting Arguments:

There are three major supporting arguments:

Perception and Existence:

Biocentrism tells us that the universe is based on life and consciousness.

Consciousness is the driving force:

Consciousness is the most critical factor in Biocentrism theory.


One can understand the true nature of the universe when he understands Biocentrism.

Arguments against Biocentrism:

Biocentrism has faced criticism, and here are the significant points:

No historical evidence:

No evidence can support Biocentrism. Focus on consciousness is another way to look at things and the universe.

Against Physics:

Biocentrism is against Physics. Physics says that the universe is a physical entity. But Biocentrism says that it is all about mental exercise.

Biocentrism Alternatives:

Biocentrism is not the first thing that teaches us about the power of consciousness.

However, the other theories still need to be highlighted and tested. It would be good if someone could test these theories and bring practical examples to enlighten Biocentrism.

Biocentrism FAQs:

Is Biocentrism possible?

There is no scientific evidence that Biocentrism is possible. It is just a belief.

Who invented Biocentrism?

Robert Lanza has introduced the Biocentrism theory in 2007.

What is the Conclusion of Biocentrism?

Biocentrism believe in the value of every human being is similar.


If you believe there is another way the universe was created or the power of consciousness, then you will also think in Biocentrism. The only problem with this theory is that no scientific and philosophical evidence can support Robert Lanza’s theory.

Yet, it gives us an exciting way to think about the universe and its existence.

There is a need for more extensive research to uncover the secrets of Biocentrism.

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