April 28, 2024

ChatGPT Team: New ChatGPT Subscription for Teams of All Sizes

OpenAI has launched a new ChatGPT subscription plan, “ChatGPT Teams,” for the workspace. With this new plan, your whole team can access premium ChatGPT features and work collaboratively.

What is ChatGPT Teams? How it works? What is the cost? Is it the best ChatGPT for businesses?
You may have many questions about the ChatGPT teams. Today, you will get every answer.

OpneAI has tested the ChatGPT Enterprise plan with industry leaders such as:

  • Canva
  • Block
  • PwC
  • Zapier
  • The Estée Lauder Companies
  • Carlyle

Now, the company has launched “ChatGPT Teams” as a self-served plan.

ChatGPT Teams:

ChatGPT Teams is a premium ChatGPT subscription suitable for teams and organizations. It supports collaborative work with the ChatGPT tool.

With a new plan, ChatGPT is offering more to the teams to work together. It has no plan to replace the human workforce. With the help of the new ChatGPT Teams plan, you can organize and visualize your data.

Main features of ChatGPT Teams:

ChatGPT Team: New ChatGPT Subscription for Teams of All Sizes: eAskme
ChatGPT Team: New ChatGPT Subscription for Teams of All Sizes: eAskme

Here are the 6 main features and benefits of ChatGPT Teams:

  1. Collaborative access to advanced GPT models.
  2. Access to custom GPTs.
  3. Use GPTs in private workspace.
  4. 25% faster.
  5. 40% higher quality results.
  6. Access to GPT Store

Is ChatGPT Teams an AI Assistant?

The purpose of ChatGPT teams is to work like an assistant for the whole team. Each team member will get help from the tool without disturbing the process.

ChatGPT teams is best at data visualization. Just add text or Excel sheet data, and it will convert that data into charts and lines.

Other uses of ChatGPT Teams:

  1. Coding assistant
  2. Data Analysis
  3. Email Automation

Early Access to New Features:

ChatGPT Teams allow you to access features before they launch. Organizations can access Dall-E, GPT-4, Browsing, Custom GPT collaboration, data training, admin panel, etc.

Cost of ChatGPT Teams:

ChatGPT Teams plan will cost $25/team member. The time and effort it saves is worth the cost.


ChatGPT Teams will not replace the need of people at work. It will increase the productivity and save time with collaborative efforts.

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