April 27, 2024

10 Must Have Listings Management Local SEO Tools

Businesses are struggling to find their way into a successful online presence. Enterprises are focusing on establishing a strong local and global presence. If you are running a business from a local location, then online local presence is significant for you.

As a small business or local business, you may find it difficult to invest time in developing an online presence.

It is crucial for you to understand that most of the people make their buying decision online.

Listing management is one of the most important strategies you need to focus.

10 Must Have Listings Management Local SEO Tools: eAskme
10 Must Have Listings Management Local SEO Tools: eAskme

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With the help of local SEO tools, you can effectively manage local listings.

Benefits of using local SEO tools for Listing managements:

  • Automate listings to find more directory listing opportunities.
  • Automatically update all listings.
  • More business reviews.
  • Use of Analytics tool
Some Local SEO listing management tools focus on one or more features where others offer a complete solution.

There are best SEO tools like SEMRush and Moz that offer a complete solution. These tools provide a listing management feature.

To get success in the online world, you need to choose Local SEO tools with additional functions.

Today, I am sharing some of the best Local SEO listing Management tools:

Advice Local:

AdviceLical: 10 Must Have Listings Management Local SEO Tools: eAskme

AdviceLocal is a listing management local SEO tool. It supports a vast database of popular directories.

AdviceLocal allows you to create local citations manually. Because of the manual behavior, it takes time to get a considerable score on local directories.

AdviceLocal is not just limited to local listings. Like Moz, it is also a complete Local SEO solution provider.


The plan starts at $15/month.


WhiteSpark: 10 Must Have Listings Management Local SEO Tools: eAskme

Whitespark born as a web design company but it also offers SEO tools to help Local Businesses.

Local business can use Whitespark to improve local search marketing.

Whitespark offer Citation finder tool to find local citation opportunities. Citation opportunities will help you improve regional search rankings.

Citation finder tool offers 3 free searches per day. You can use this tool for free to access limited search results. For a newbie, it is a good opportunity to explore tools.

You can also opt for a paid subscription at $17/month.

WhiteSpark Local SEO tools offer:

Local rank tracker:

Local rank tracker tool uses location to give details of overall SEO performance.

It gives you everything that you find in Ahrefs rank tracker tool. You can use Local rank tracker to find the way to rank in search results and track competitors’ behavior. Whitespark gives you access to the social activity.

Reputation Builder:

Reputation builder is another favorite local SEO tool from Whitespark. It allows the customer to share the review on various online review sites. You can use this tool to track customer experience by calculating NPS.

Review Monitoring:

Review the monitoring feature of Whitespark sends you a notification whenever your business gets a negative review. So you can promptly take action to get rid of native review.


Yext: 10 Must Have Listings Management Local SEO Tools: eAskme

Yext is another SEO tool that you can use for local listings management. Yext offers multiple services to improve Local SEO of your business.

Yext is an excellent platform that integrates with the massive list of directories. The tools use these directories to update your business information.

The most popular Yext Local SEO tools offer:

Knowledge manager:

As the name suggests, this tool helps to manage questions that your consumers are asking. It also includes promotions, locations, hours of operation, and your staff. You can add some information and some of the data it adds automatically.

Yext Pages:

Yext pages are one of the notable features of Yext. It is a system which updates the listings with accurate information. Yext pages and Knowledge manager work together to give customers the information about your brand.

Yext Listing:

Yext listing controls the information you share about your business online. It tracks the information you share on social networks and search engines.

You can use Yext listing to publish updates, set up integrations, listing improvement suggestions, and analytics.

Yext App directory supports Zandesk, Zapier, and HubSpot.

Yext Reviews:

As the name suggests, you can use Yext reviews to get reviews from the customers. You can use these reviews on your website. You can easily monitor reviews using Yext reviews.

Yext Add-on services:


ReviewTrackers: 10 Must Have Listings Management Local SEO Tools: eAskme

Reviewtrackers is popular software to track reviews. It notifies you about reviews on various review sites. You can access all this information from a single dashboard.

You can Reviewtrackers software to track reviews and feedback from all the popular review sites. It also follows how your business is doing in some locations.

The popular brands like American Family Insurance, Midas and Subaru use rank tracker tool.


You can use this tool to track a single location or multiple locations. The single location plans start at $59/month. Multiple location plans start at $10-$50/month.

Moz Local:

Moz Local: 10 Must Have Listings Management Local SEO Tools: eAskme

Moz local is one of the most popular Local SEO tool available. Moz is in the business from more than ten years. Moz provides the most trusted data and ways to optimize.

No matter you are running a small or large business, Moz local is for all. It makes sure that local listing contains accurate information and gets regular updates. This helps you to improve website visibility.

Moz local help you manage local listings effectively. It automates the process.

Moz not only collects data but also share your listings information with popular search engines, business aggregators, apps and directories.

At any point in time, you can change, or edit the listings using Moz local. You do need to modify it in Moz local, and it will automatically update the information in each directory.

Moz Local also sends you alerts whenever your listing gets a new review. It covers all the major review platforms. This makes it easy for you to reply to every review online.

Moz Local also allows you to reply to Google reviews.

Moz local provide you location focused reports. These reports help you to find the growth of your business in targeted areas. You can also find out the focus of customer interactions.


Right now price of Moz local is $99/year.


Synup: 10 Must Have Listings Management Local SEO Tools: eAskme

Synup is there to power your locations with local marketing suite. It is the tool that you can use for listings management, reputation management and track local search analytics.

Synup is for every small or large business targeting local customers.

The beauty about Synup is that it allows unlimited listings updated. It also sends you an alert when your business receives a new review.

Synup cover 200+ directories and local search engines.


Price of Synup is $30/location for upto 25 locations.

Local SEO Checklist:

Local SEO checklist: 10 Must Have Listings Management Local SEO Tools: eAskme

Major Local SEO tools lack the presence of technical SEO. To fix this problem, you need Local SEO Checklist.

Local SEO Checklist comes from Synup. It gives you all the information you need to optimize your site for local search.

You can use Local SEO Checklist to:

  • Check if Google My Business Listing is according to guidelines.
  • Check Schema markup on your website.
  • Audit business listing.


SEMRush: 10 Must Have Listings Management Local SEO Tools: eAskme

SEMRush is one of the most popular SEO tools. Some of the popular brands such as Quora, HP, eBay, etc. are using SEMRush.

SEMRush is an all-in0one seo tool. It offers website information, keyword information, competition analysis, and various other helpful information to boost the overall SEO of your business or website.

Some of the most popular tools of SEMRush are keywords research, competitor analysis, and backlink checker.

SEMRush also offers listing management tool. With their collaboration with Yext, they have introduced a listing management tool.

SEMRush listing management tool is easy to use the tool. All you need is to enter data and find location. It will display listings of your business. Make some updates and SEMRush will automatically update the listings.


To use SEMRush listing management tool you subscribe $99.95/month plan. You can additionally add $20/location per month.


BrightLocal: 10 Must Have Listings Management Local SEO Tools: eAskme

BrightLocal is also a favorite Local SEO tool that you can use for listings management.

Right now more than 60k businesses, freelancers and local SEO agencies are using BrightLocal for reporting and analytics.

BrightLocal offers you:

  • Customized dashboard
  • Lead Generation Tools. Your customers can use this feature to create a local search audit of your business.
  • Tracking
  • Scan and audit directories
  • Google My Business audits
  • Google analytics and Social analytics integration
  • Offer White label solutions


The price starts at $29/month.


Hibu: 10 Must Have Listings Management Local SEO Tools: eAskme

Hibu is a favorite listing management tool available online. Hibu allows you to keep online business information accurately.

Hibu offers some of the popular digital marketing and Local SEO tools.

It is an FB marketing partner; Yahoo preferred partner, Bings ads partner, Google My Business partner and Google ads premier partner.

Hibu offer some valuable services such as;

  • Hibu confirms business information and ultimately control the new business listings.
  • Hibu offers real-time updates.
  • It offers 24/7 reports and insight.
  • It features your business using menus, events, videos, and photos.

Final Words:

To grow your local business or business in local market it is necessary to manage local listings.

By using listings management local SEO tools you can understand buyers personas, improve brand reputation, and improve customer outreach.

Are you running a local business? How are you targeting the local market? Which local listings management tool you are using?

Do share your views and questions via comments.

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