February 13, 2024

Google’s SEO Starter Guide Getting New Update

Google’s SEO Starter guide is going to get a fresh update. Google’s John Mueller, Gary Illyes, and Lizzi Sassman have discussed the need for an updated SEO starter guide during a podcast episode of “Search Off the Record.”

The new SEO Starter guide will remove all the outdated SEO tips and streamline SEO for beginners. It also simplifies the complex SEO topics for newbies.

Google’s SEO starter guide was launched to help newbie SEOs and beginners understand the fundamentals of SEO. But it’s been years since the SEO Starter guide was updated.

Google Search Relations teams have discussed the updated new SEO Starter guide on a podcast.

John Muller, Garry Illyes, and Lizzi Sassman have discussed the need for an updated SEO Starter Guide.

Google’s SEO Starter Guide Getting New Update: eAskme
Google’s SEO Starter Guide Getting New Update: eAskme

What is Google's New SEO Starter Guide?

Google Starter Guide is an 8000-word SEO tip for beginners. It is available on Google’s Search Central website.

Glossary for SEO newbies:

  • Index: Google fetch and index web pages.
  • Crawl: Google visits new and updated pages, follows links, and reads sitemaps.
  • Crawler: Google crawler that visits the site for carling content.
  • Googlebot: Name of the Google crawler.
  • SEO: The process of search engine optimization of the site and content.

Google SEO Started Guide explains how to index your website, improve SEO for better ranking, debug issues, and follow site-specific guidelines.

It’s been years since the Google Started Guide was updated last time.

SEO has changed a lot. It is required to update the SEO Started Guide.

Why SEO Started Guide?

Google SEO Started guide is essential because it comes from the biggest search engine.

Google shares tips from SEO experts and search teams working for Google. There is no space for misleading or outdated SEO tips when Google is there to help you.

Here are the reasons why SEO Professionals trust the SEO Started Guide:

Google SEO Started Guide ranked at the 3rd position when looking for the best SEO resource to learn Search engine optimization. People are spending time reading SEO from Google. The guide is ranking for the “SEO” keyword.

Due to massive searches and the need for guidance, it is necessary to enrich the SEO Started Guide with the latest content and eliminate outdated tips.

Learn Fundamental SEO:

Google search team has simplified the SEO tips for website owners and newbie SEOs.

It is time to make the Google SEO Started Guide filled with relevant and concise tips.

Harvey said that the Google search team already has an updated 3000-word SEO tips draft for the starter guide page. The new content will replace outdated content from the SEO guide page.

Garry Illyes wants the new SEO Started Guide to focus on general SEO topics rather than making it technical.

Popular CMS services like Wix and WordPress make SEO easy without technical coding skills.

Best SEO Practices:

SEO is there to help web admins optimize their websites. With the new SEO guide, fixing SEO issues within the website and its content will become easy.

SEO Started Guide is the best place to learn modern and best SEO practices.

Clean Guidance:

The focus of the new SEO Started guide is to simplify SEO. It is best to say one thing at once rather than say it multiple times on the same page.


Google’s new SEO Started Guide with updated SEO tips will be released soon.

You will get new tips and clean guidance in the latest SEO guide and eliminate outdated SEO tips.

It will become a necessary guide for SEO beginners and experts to improve the overall SEO of websites.

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