January 15, 2024

Microsoft Launched Generative AI to Create Retail Media Content in Creative Studio

Microsoft advertisers can use AI to create retail media content for their ads. The Generative AI feature is available in “Retail Media Creative Studio.”

BGC reported that the retail media market will reach $100 billion by 2029. There will be 25% growth in digital media spending in coming years.

Microsoft’s retail media platform is best to run retail media campaigns optimized for multiple channels. Now, generative AI is there to help advertisers create content for the target customers.

Advertisers can use AI tools to create banner ads and optimize ads. In-store ads will also be available in retail media.

Microsoft Launched Generative AI to Create Retail Media Content in Creative Studio: eAskme
Microsoft Launched Generative AI to Create Retail Media Content in Creative Studio: eAskme

Microsoft’s Retail Media Creative Studio:

Microsoft is integrating Promote IQ with Retail Media Creative Studio.

The purpose of this tool is to serve retail advertisers and help them create influential ads.

The best thing about the Retail Media Creative Studio AI tool is that it can convert a product URL to a full-fledged optimized banner ad with AI content.

While advertisers can generate creative retail ads with Retail Media Creative Studio, these ads will follow the branding and advertising guidelines at the same time. It is necessary to focus on the user-friendliness of the content.

Retail Media Creative Studio Features:

Retail Media Creative Studio can do many things for an advertiser, such as:

  • Enhance images for product ads.
  • Create multiple ad copies.
  • Edit images.
  • Clean images.
  • Ad elements adjustment.

As the ads created under Retail Media Creative Studio follow the Microsoft guidelines, they will quickly get approval and have better results.

Retail Media Creative Studio Store Integration and Optimization:

Advertisers can easily optimize banner ads to get the best results. With AI tools, there will not be any need to test the ads with human designers. It is also helping Microsoft to attract more clients.

Microsoft and Vibenomics are working together to enable in-store visuals and audio for the advertisers.

Microsoft AI Ads Optimization and Future:

Microsoft is utilizing more and more AI tools in its ad platforms to help advertisers.

Microsoft Advertising PromoteIQ is already there, and advertisers also have Retail Media Creative Studio to make retail ads better.


Microsoft is willing to use more AI in its tools and platforms. It is also an indication that everyone should learn AI tools and the use of AI.

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