April 02, 2023

Microsoft is Introducing Ads in Bing Chat for Content Publishers!

Bing Chat is attracting 100 million active users daily. Now, Microsoft is introducing ads in Bing Chats to monetize this feature and allow publishers to display ads.

New ads will be available with AI-powered Bing Chat. This will also change from an ad-free experience to an ad-enabled Bing Chat.

Here is what you must know.

Microsoft is Introducing Ads in Bing Chat for Content Publishers: eAskme
Microsoft is Introducing Ads in Bing Chat for Content Publishers: eAskme

How will Ads in Bing Chat Generate More Revenue for Publishers?

Microsoft is targeting users with a focus on offering an all-in-one experience with tools like Bing search, answers, content creation, and chat.

Bing has recorded over 100 million chats and 100 million active users daily. More than 30% of users are new to the Bing search experience. This is great news for publishers.

Bing Chat offers better solutions and answers to questions asked by users. It is a helpful tool for content publishers.

With new search features like Bing Chat, Microsoft is targeting:

  • More traffic for content publishers.
  • More revenue.
  • Collaboration.

Microsoft preview shows that the company I serious about achieving these goals.
Microsoft uses a unique approach, such as adding resource links and citations.
Microsoft is also exploring new ways for publishers to drive traffic and revenue.

New Ways for Publishers:

Ads in Bing Chat:

Microsoft will be displaying ads in Bing Chat. This is a way for content publishers to generate more revenue if their content contributes to chat responses.

Expanded Hover Experience:

Hovering over links will display more links from the same publisher. This will improve traffic and user engagement.

Rich Captions:

Microsoft also uses licensed content besides chat answers to boost user engagement and revenue sharing.
Microsoft is planning to work directly with content publishers.


Bing is combining multiple tools to improve the user search experience. Tools like content creation, Bing Chat, search, and answers create an ecosystem.

This all-in-one strategy is giving better results. Publishers are also getting more ways to boost engagement, traffic, and revenue.

Microsoft is working to find more ways for publishers to drive traffic and revenue using available tools and features.

The company is still collecting feedback to make valuable changes to its tools and strategies.

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