February 12, 2024

Google Gemini Privacy Warning: Do Not Share Personal Information with AI.

By Sona Mathews

Google advanced Gemini is here at the same time Google has updated Gemini AI documentation with the warning. Gemini documentation tells that humans should not share their confidential information with AI. AI can collect that information and be used to train AI datasets.

So, you know that privacy is essential for online users. And how to protect your personal information from an AI. Google Gemini privacy document explains how you can do it. The document clearly tells that AI can use the information shared by users to train its datasets. Now, it is time to discover how to save yourself and your privacy.

Google Gemini Privacy Warning, Do Not Share Personal Information with AI: eAskme
Google Gemini Privacy Warning, Do Not Share Personal Information with AI: eAskme

Let's start with Google Gemini:

Google Gemini is an advanced technology launched to compete with ChatGPT. Recently, Google has launched the Google Gemini app for Android and iOS users.

The ultra 1.0 app is there. Users can now easily access Google Gemini advanced AI from their smartphones.

How to Access Gemini Advanced on Android and iOS smartphones?

It is as easy as any other app to access on smartphones. All you need is to install the Gemini app on your Android or iOS device and have an Internet connection, and then you will be able to use this advanced AI technology from Google.

There are multiple things that you can do with advanced Gemini. You can ask for images you can ask for audio videos, and even ask questions to get the best answers. Gemini is tested to provide real-world answers and solutions to user queries. You can also use it to find interesting images.

All you need is to give some promise or the keywords or words you want to say, and Gemini, we will work on those words and give you the best result.

No matter what you do with Gemini, everything will be recorded or submitted to AI data sets that Google will use to advance its AI technology.

Why is Gemini Using User Data?

Gemini is using this data to strengthen its capabilities and understand human behavior. Not only will this data help Gemini to work in a better way, but it will also help other Google products to improve.

The Google Gemini privacy explainer page collects app conversations, feedback, location, and usage information. The companies then use this data to improve AI technology.

The data collected by Google Gemini will stay for 18 months on Google servers. Users can easily change the data storage limit from 3 to 36 months.

How to stop Google Gemini from Collecting User Data?

You can quickly stop Google Gemini from collecting your user data.

Go to your Gemini app activity and turn it off.

But even if you turn off your data, there is still a way for Google to keep your data for a long time.

According to the Gemini privacy support document, the data used by human reviewers will stay with Google for quite at least three years. Data used by human reviewers is helpful for Google to create better data sets and improve its AI technology.

Google Gemini Do Now Ask for Your Confidential Data:

Google Gemini is not asking users to send their data. Yet the user must opt out of data saving in the Gemini app.

The privacy documents tell the user to share confidential information in the conversations because if it comes under the review's nose, it will be careful for at least three years.

The only way to protect your data is by turning off Gemini app activity.

3rd Part Data Sharing Using Google Gemini:

Google Gemini can also let third-party apps use user data. It can store web activity, app activity, location data, etc.

Here are the resources to remove user activity and other helpful information:
User content removal request
Gemini FAQs
Gemini Apps Privacy Hub


Google Gemini Privacy Document has clarified that sharing your personal information with AI tools like Gemini is another way to leak your privacy online. Third-party apps, Gemini reviewers, and some others may also be able to access your data to train AI datasets.

Understand online privacy to save yourself with easy steps.

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