February 09, 2024

Google Bard Became Gemini: Ultra 1.0 and New Mobile App

Google Bard is now Google Gemini. Sissie Hsiao, the vice president and general manager at Gemini and Google Assistant, shared that Gemini Advanced is Bard's new name.

Also, the new Ultra 1.0 Gemini is available for users for creativity and coding. Gemini mobile apps for iOS and Android users are now available in the USA. The new Google Gemini mobile app will help users quickly test Gemini's capabilities.

Google has used the data and user behavior on Bard to improve Gemini and replace Bard completely.

Gemini Advanced Replaced bard, Ultra 1.0 is here: eAskme
Gemini Advanced Replaced bard, Ultra 1.0 is here: eAskme

Gemini Advanced:

Gemini Advanced is the new version of Gemini launched with Ultra 1.0. According to Google, it is the most advanced AI system for users.

Users can use Gemini to complete complex tasks such as coding, tutoring, and finding new content ideas.

With Gemini Advanced, Google has cleared its vision to improve AI technology. In the future, Google will enhance Gemini's capabilities with data analysis and new features.

Right now, Gemini is available in 40 languages and 230+ countries.

Gemini Advanced is available in English and accessible in 150 countries. In the coming days, Google will roll out Gemini Advanced in other countries and different languages.

Gemini is part of the Google One AI Premium Plan.

Google One AI Premium Plan:

Google has launched the Google One AI Premium Plan with a starting cost of $19.99/month. With this plan, you get access to Gemini Advanced.

Benefits of Google One AI Premium Plan:

  • Gemini Advanced
  • 2TB cloud storage
  • Early access to Advanced AI features.

Google is expanding Gemini technology to its other tools, such as:

  • Google Docs
  • Gmail
  • Google Sheets
  • Google Slides
  • Duet AI

Gemini Advanced on Smartphone:

Gemini Advanced is available on all Android and iOS devices. You can download Gemini from Google Play or Apple App Store.

Android users can also opt for Google Gemini through Google Assistant.

You only need to tap the mike and say, "Hey Google."

The Google Gemini app is now available in English, Korean, and Japanese languages. The company has a plan to roll out Gemini in many other languages.


Google Gemini Advanced has replaced the Google Bard. The Gemini app is available for users on Android and iOS devices. Google is committed to developing responsible AI features to enhance Gemini's capabilities.

In the coming days, Google will release more updates and features to empower Gemini AI and other tools.

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