November 08, 2023

Google Gemini: What You Must Know?

What is Google Gemini? Is it Different than Google Bard? Is Gemini Google’s upcoming AI technology?

Find out the answers today!

Google is trying everything to compete with OpenAI’s generative AI technology, ChatGPT. First, they launched Google Bard, and now the company is coming up with another technology known as Google Gemini.

Google Deepmind is working on the development of Google Gemini, which is a LLM (Large Language Model). In the beginning, only selected brands could access Gemini to test and analyze.

Google Gemini:

Google Gemini Large Learning model LLM, What is it? How to use it? When it will launch? Who will have access?: eAskme
Google Gemini Large Learning model LLM, What is it? How to use it? When it will launch? Who will have access?: eAskme

In May 2023, Google talked about Gemini at the Google I/O developer conference. Sundar Pichai told us that Gemini (Large Language Model) is under development. Google’s Deepmind and Brain Team are working together to create an immersive AI to compete with ChatGPT and Other generative AI tools.

Google is working in secrecy to develop Gemini so we can share the details that are revealed during expert interviews and reports.

Google Gemini Multimodal:

According to Sundar Pichai, Google CEO, Google is clubbing language learning model capabilities with Deepmind’s Alpha Go System.

The foundation of Gemini is to become a multimodal that works with different data types such as images, text, etc. The reason behind Google’s new path is to make the AI capable of handling natural conversations.

Google CEO also said that Gemini or future AIs can handle reasoning, planning, and memory capabilities.

Gemini API and Tools:

Jefferey Dean has revealed that Gemini is a next-gen multimodal model. Gemini will use Google’s AI infrastructure known as Pathways. New AI will scale to train on multiple datasets.

With this information, I predict that Gemini will have the biggest Large learning model dataset that will surely exceed that GPT-3.

Gemini Capabilities and Sizes:

Deepmind CEO Demis Hassabis said that Gemini will adopt new capabilities like tree search and reinforcement learning from AlphaGo. It will improve Gemini’s problem-solving and reasoning capabilities.

He also revealed that Gemini will have different sizes and capabilities.

Hassabis also said that Gemini will use memory and have fact-checking capabilities. With reinforcement learning, Google’s new AI will have better accuracy over other AI tools.

Gemini’s Early Results are Positive:

Hassabis has told Time that Gemini will have innovative and scaling capabilities.

Memory and planning will help Gemini to improve and scale. Google’s Gemini can also use retrieval methods to get word-to-word or complete information with fact-check accuracy. Early results are positive.
Gemini will be like Flamingo.

Personal Assistant or Advance Chatbot:

Pichai has told Wired that Bard is not the end of the game. AI will enhance and will be more capable in the future.

Gemini and other AIs will become the necessary personal assistants to help you in daily life, such as at home, travel, in the office, etc.

Gemini will understand both images and text.

OpenAI and Elon Musk’s Vie about Google Gemini:

Sam Altman from OpenAI has tweeted that Google has asked its semi analysis guy to publish the early result or marketing chart.

Elon Musk has also asked if the numbers are wrong.

Early Access:

Google will let developers and some selected companies access and test the capabilities of Google Gemini.

The Gemini Beta release will help Google to get early reviews and improve the AI.

Meta is also Working on a Large Learning model:

Not only Google but Meta is also working on developing an effective LLM to compete with OpenAI.

Meta has also announced Llama 2, which is an open-source AI model.


Google Gemini’s countdown has started.

Google’s new LLM will have better capabilities and features. It will be available in different sizes.

If Gemini works according to what Google has promised, then it will change the AI landscape. We also hope for a better but responsible AI from Google.

These details came out after the tech meeting of CEOs with US Senate members, where they discussed the future of AI.

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