February 25, 2024

Google Launched Chrome Help Me Write AI Writing Assistant

Google Help Me Write is an official AI writing assistant extension in Google Chrome. You can free install the “Help Me Write” assistant Chrome extension from the Chrome Web Store.

Google’s new AI Writing extension gives suggestions based on the text.

With the help of “Help Me Write,” you can write better content from blogs, emails, articles, PR news, reviews, ads, promotions, etc.

Google Help Me Write AI Assistant: eAskme
Google Help Me Write AI Assistant: eAskme

Google Help Me Write:

Google Help Me Write is using Gemini technology to give content suggestions. You get suggestions based on text and website content.

You can get word suggestions, product descriptions, writing suggestions, etc.

Google's announcement explains that “Help Me Write” understands the text content of sites and gives text recommendations.

“Help me write” will help you write product reviews.

How to Start With “Help Me Write”?

Install “Help Me Write.” Go to browser settings in the “Experimental AI.”

To access “Help Me Write,” you must download and install Chrome M122 update.

It is a toggle feature.

How to Write Content with the “Help Me Write” Chrome Extension?

Google Chrome users can use “Help Me Write” to write articles.

Here are the factors how to use Help Me Write AI Extension:

  • Text Recognition: Help me write an AI extension to understand content and generate suggestions.
  • Increase Productivity: The new AI Help Me Write extension helps write blog posts, ads, reviews, emails, etc.
  • Write Effective Content: With the help of the Google AI extension, users can write invaluable blog posts.

How can Marketers use the “Help Me Write” Browser Extension?

Marketers use the “Help Me Write” AI feature for marketing, ads, and content marketing.

  • Write Best Product Description: Product descriptions are essential for successful marketing campaigns. It helps drive traffic, sales, and engagement.
  • Targeted Content Creation: With AI technology, “Help Me Write” helps marketers create content for the targeted audience.
  • Improve Communication: Text suggestions help to improve communication with power and influential words.

Who Can Access “Help Me Write”?

Update Chrome with M122 and later.

Choose settings in the “Experimental AI.”

It is accessible in English and other languages in the United States.


Google Help Me Write Chrome extension AI Assistant is helpful for writers, bloggers, and marketers. Use Chrome extension to fix content issues.

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