February 24, 2024

Google and Reddit Expanded Partnership: More Reddit Content in Google Search and AI

Google and Reddit are expanding their relationship. This means that users will now see more Reddit conversations in search results. Google will also use Reddit discussions to train its AI models.

Google and Reddit Expanded Partnership: eAskme
Google and Reddit Expanded Partnership: eAskme

Google and Reddit Expanded Partnership:

Google and Reddit have an 18-year-long history. With the new deal, Google announced that users will see more Reddit content on Google search. Reddit content will also be used to train upcoming AI models.
It is pretty similar to Google’s deal with X (Formerly Twitter).

The new deal will Reddit allow more exposure for Reddit. Reddit content will rank more on relevant queries. Reddit is also part of Google’s Vertex AI platform. This deal will bring 60 million dollars per year for Reddit.

Not only does it benefit Reddit, but also Google. The search engine giant will use Reddit content to train language learning models. It will help to improve knowledge and human-style conversations.

Google Search Using Reddit Content for AI Models:

Google has clarified that it will use Reddit content or discussions to empower its AI tools. Reddit is one of the most popular platforms on which to find user discussions. Users also search “Reddit” with their queries to find answers. Regular Reddit users were not looking at Google for answers.

Google’s focus is to use Reddit conversations for AI models. The goal is to make AI understand human conversations and human-writing styles.

Reddit Structured Content:

Google search results display unstructured data. Sites with structured data already have sorted content to avoid irrelevant.

Real-time structured data will help Google to serve better content to users.

The announcement explains that Reddit Data API will let Google display content in search results. Google products will also use Reddit content like images, comments, etc.


Google has a history of partnering with popular websites to use their content in search results. The search engine also needs more content to train its large language models. Reddit and Google collaboration will result in more traffic and revenue for Reddit. It also benefits Google in understanding human conversations and writing styles.

Here is the announcement.

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