February 14, 2024

Google Gemini Chat Data Leaked: Why and How?

Google Gemini chat data leaked and indexed in search engine results. Within just 24 hours of the official launch of Gemini advanced, the chat data leaked online. Google explains the chat data leak and what happened with those conversations.

On 13th February 2023, Gemini Privacy Document asked users not to share their personal information. And on 14th February 2023, Gemini chat data leak explained.

A Twitter tweet has revealed the Gemini chat data leak.

Google Gemini chat data indexed by Bing within just 24 hours of its launch. Screenshots of gemini.google.com/share/ are available in Bing search. You can read those messages.

Google has removed Gemini chats from its results. It is expected that other search engines will also remove chat data from their platform.

Google Gemini Chat Data Leaked: eAskme
Google Gemini Chat Data Leaked: eAskme

Gemini Chats Leak Explained:

  • Google had placed robots.txt on gemini.google.com
  • Bing and Google had indexed Gemini chat pages.
  • Search engines crawled public chat links and indexed them.
  • Bing and Google removed Gemini chat from search results.

How Gemini Chat Pages Became Public?

Gemini allows you to share your private chat using a public link. Google itself does not create chat pages. Only the user can create chat pages and share them.

How to Create Gemini Shared Chat Page?

Chat with Gemini. At the bottom of the chat click the link to create a public link of shared chat page.

How to Create Google Gemini Chat Page Public Link: eAskme

Why Gemini Chat Pages Get Indexed?

The most common reason why a page gets indexed in search result is because the website is not using robots.txt or not blocked chat pages in robots.txt.

Robots.txt is the file that tells search engine what to crawl and what not to. It helps webmaster prioritize his content for indexing.

However, gemini.google.com/robots.txt page is already there.

Google Gemini Robots.txt: eAskme

Not only the SERP but Gemini chats are also indexed in Internet Archive Wayback Machine.

It explains that robots.txt is there, and it is not possible that Google has itself crawled the chat data.

Now the question is how the Gemini chat data ends up in search results.

How Search Engines Can Crawl and Index Chat Data?

Search engines can crawl chat data using public links.

Cookies can also be the reason for Gemini chat data leak.

Bill has discovered Gemini chat public link indexed in search results.

Google Gemini Chat Page Link: eAskme

It is the most obvious scenario that chat data leaked in search results using public links.

Even though the robots.txt blocked Gamini chats from indexing, yet Google has indexed public URLs.

Why Search Engines Removed Gemini Chat Pages from Search Results?

It seems like search engines set a rule after this leak to drop Gemini public chat links from the SERP. No matter what the reason is, it is best not to index user chats in search results.

How Google and Bing Search Indexing Works?

I have already shared how Google crawl and index content. Bing is also a search engine that crawl pages allowed to index in robots.txt or in public domain.


Gemini Chat Pages leaked but why. There is no benefit for any user to see chat pages in search results. It could be a technical glitch or lack of some rule that made Gemini chat results getting indexed in Bing and Google.

Both search engines have removed Gemini chat. This leak also explains that even when Robots.txt is blocking pages from crawling search engines can index them and rank them.

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