March 25, 2024

Google Launched Side Panel Chat AI Feature for Developers

Google has launched "AI chat" in "Google for Developers." Developers can access "Side Panel Chat" at Google developer's page.

Google's developer AI chat feature is intended to help developers code better or fix common issues. But it also answers business-related questions like SEO, ranking, etc.

Google Launched Side Panel Chat for Developers: eAskme

Google Developer's Side Panel Chat:

Google's side panel chat is available in the Beta version. Click here to access the AI Chat Panel.

"Side Panel Chat" is available in selected regions. It is available in multiple languages.

Developer Profile is a Must for Side Panel Chat:

You must have an active Google developer profile to access the "Side Panel Chat" feature.

It is super easy to create.

  • Go to and sign up with your Gmail account.
  • Fill in information such as name, photo, title, bio, gender, etc. After creating a Google developer profile, you get the "Google developer profile badge."
  • "Side Panel Chat" is available for desktop users only.

You can find it on the right side of your browser.

Google's "Side Panel Chat" offers personalized responses. It is also a great place to display your badges and achievements.

Side Panel Chat Answer Any Question:

"Side Panel Chat" answers developer questions and questions related to business, SEO, marketing, ranking, etc.

But for some queries, you will get no results.

I have tested that.

When I asked "how to start a lifestyle blog," it gave an error result with "I'm sorry, but I can only answer about Google Developer topics."

But when I searched "how to rank in search," it displayed the detailed answer with the "source."

Where is the "Side Panel Chat" button?

The "Side Panel Chat" AI feature button is available on the sidebar of the development page.

Side Panel Chat with Limits:

Side Panel Chat provides limited answers. It is strictly limited to developer-related questions only. For anything else, it gives an error response: "I'm sorry, but I can only answer about Google Developer topics."


The Google developer's "Side Panel Chat" feature is in beta. It is expected to provide limited answers or off-topic answers because of testing mode. Google is collecting developer's feedback to improve AI chat features.

Side Panel Chat FAQs:

Why does the Side Panel Chat can't answer my question?

Side Panel Chat can't answer questions if it is not related to the development topic.

How can I give feedback about the Side Panel Chat?

You can click the "feedback" icon to leave your feedback.

How much does it cost to access Side Panel Chat?

Side Panel Chat is a free feature.

If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to ask me via comments.