February 21, 2024

Google Gemma AI Open Models: Responsible AI with State-of-the-Art AI Open Models

Google has launched Gemma Open Models. Gemma is an open-source AI for desktop and laptop users. Developers can create chatbots and other AI tools with new open-source Gemma AI. Developers and researchers will find it helpful.

Google Gemma AI Open Models, Responsible AI with State-of-the-Art AI Open Models: eAskme
Google Gemma AI Open Models, Responsible AI with State-of-the-Art AI Open Models: eAskme

Gemma Open Models:

Gemma is an open-source AI for research and development. It is developed on the same platform as Google Gemini.

In other words, Gemma AI is inspired by Gemini. Google Deepmind has developed Gemma Open Models.

Gemma tools will also help developers to develop responsible AI tools.

Gemma Features:

  • Gemma was released in two formats, Gemma 7B and Gemma 2B.
  • 250,000 tokens vocabulary.
  • Embadding Weights 750 million.
  • Developers can take help from the Responsive Generative AI Toolkit to create safe AI.
  • It is accessible on TensorFlow, JAX, and Pytorch with Keras 3.0.
  • Integration with Google Colab, Kaggle Notebooks, Hugging Face, TensoRT-LLM, MaxText, and NVIDIA Nemo.
  • Pre-trained Gemma is accessible on Google Cloud, workstations, and laptops.
  • Easy to access on Google Coups TPUs and NVIDIA GPUs.

Gemma Models State-of-the-Art Performance:

Gemma was developed using the same data and technologies as Gemini. This gives Gemma 7B and Gemma 2B the ability to perform better than other open-source AI models.

You can directly access Gemma on a desktop or laptop. It is safe and responsible.

Here is the screenshot of the technical performance report.

Gemma is Responsible:

Gemma is a set of responsible Open-source models. Pre-trained models are safe for developing reliable AIs. Google DeepMind has also used RLHF to fine-tune Gemma models.

Google’s Responsible Generative AI Toolkit helps you to create safe AI.

Google’s Responsible Generative AI Toolkit includes:

  • Safety: Codelabs offers a methodology for creating Ais.
  • Debugging: Debugging tools will help you understand Gemma and its issues.
  • Guidance: Google also guides on developing AI models or tools.

Cross Platform Accessibility:

Gemma is accessible on every hardware, framework, and tool.

Here is the list of tools or platforms that Gemma supports:

  • Multi-Framework AI Tools: You can use Gemma on any popular AI framework, such as Hugging Face Transformers, Keras 3.0, native Pytorch, and JAX.
  • Accessible on any device: Gemma is accessible on desktop, laptop, cloud, mobile, and IoT.
  • Best-in-class hardware: Google has partnered with NVIDIA GPUs to optimize Gemma.
  • Google Could: Advanced optimization makes Gemma user-friendly.

Gemma Free Credits for Developers and Researchers:

Google Gemma is a powerful AI model that can be used to develop and research responsible AIs.

How to access Gemma for Free?

  • Gemma is free for Kaggel users.
  • A free tier is available in Colab Notebooks.
  • $300 credits for new Google Cloud users.
  • Researchers can receive free credits up to $500,000.


Gemma open-source models are for developers and researchers. With these new open-source models, Google is giving competition to other free, open-source AI models. Now, developers have better AI to develop responsible AI tools with Gemma.

Google's AI document.

What do you want to create with Gemma?

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