March 15, 2024

NYT Connections Game: Today’s Hints and Answers March 16, 2024

NYT Connections hints and answers are available for March 16, 2024. It’s Saturday, and you are ready for a new NYT connections game puzzle.

NYT Connections Game, Today’s Hints and Answers March 16, 2024: eAskme
NYT Connections Game, Today’s Hints and Answers March 16, 2024: eAskme

But before you Play NYT Connections, here is what you must know:

NYT Connections March 16 2024:

NYT Connections March 16 2024 is a puzzle game by the New York Times. Here are the hints and answers to play “NYT Connections” on March 16 2024.

How to Play NYT Connections on 16th March 2024?

NYT Connections March 16, 2024 touch 4 categories such as GET SMALLER, AIRLINE CLASSES, EXAMINE, AS AN APPLICANT, and NOTABLE TV EPISODES.

Arrange 16 words in 4 category groups to solve the puzzle.You can “Shuffle” the words.

Here are the hints that help you find a connection between words in the NYT Connections game 16th March, 2024.

Today’s NYT Connections Hints March 16 2024:

You need to arrange 16 words in Today’s NYT Connections in 4 groups.

  • Shrink
  • Reduce
  • Lessen
  • Contract
  • Premium
  • First
  • Coach
  • Business
  • Vet
  • Screen
  • Review
  • Check
  • Special
  • Premium
  • Pilot
  • Finale

Today’s NYT Connections Hints are:

  • Yellow Group related to Small (GET SMALLER)
  • Green Group related to the Flight Class (AIRLINE CLASSES)
  • Blue Group related to Analyze as Submitter (EXAMINE, AS AN APPLICANT)
  • Purple Group is related to Popular about tv (NOTABLE TV EPISODES)

Today’s NYT Connections Answers:

  • Yellow Group (GET SMALLER) = [Shrink, Reduce, Lessen, Contract]
  • Green Group (AIRLINE CLASSES) = [Premium, First, Coach, Business]
  • Blue Group (EXAMINE, AS AN APPLICANT) = [Vet, Screen, Review, Check]
  • Purple Group (NOTABLE TV EPISODES) = [Special, Premium, Pilot, Finale]

I played NYT Connections March 16 2024.


Use these are the hints and answers to play NYT Connections puzzle game March 16 2024. Play NYT connections with these hints and answers.

Stay tuned for daily NYT Connections hints and answers!

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