March 15, 2024

LinkedIn Launched 250 AI Courses for Free

LinkedIn released 250 Free AI courses to improve critical AI skills. The focus of a professional network is to empower users with AI skills. AI skills will become the need of 51% of jobs by 2030.

It is necessary to learn AI skills to understand AI technologies. The growth of Generative AI tools also requires AI professionals to work on different projects.

SEO experts are already using AI tools to save time. SEO AI tools are helping in research work.

LinkedIn’s 250 AI courses: eAskme
LinkedIn’s 250 AI courses: eAskme

LinkedIn Free AI Courses:

LinkedIn’s professional AI courses are free till 5th April 2024.

Free LinkedIn AI courses cover topics like General AI literacy, GAI for different roles, GAI for tech and power users, GAI for specialized training, etc.

LinkedIn has listed free AI courses in 4 categories. 4 AI course categories are divided into 28 sub-categories.

Here is the complete list of LinkedIn’s Free AI Courses:

Free General AI literacy for all:

LinkedIn has listed AI courses that will help you to learn responsible AI and generative AI.

GAI for different roles:

Professionals can learn GAI skills related to their roles.

GAI for tech and power users:

If you want to learn Large Language Models or AI investment, then complete these courses.

GAI for specialized roles:

LinkedIn has divided specialized AI courses into two sections, such as Maintaining and Training.

Marinating frameworks, MLOps, security, and cloud with AI.

Training networks, Fine-tuning, and model optimization.

Why AI Courses?

LinkedIn’s AI courses are the result of the high demand for AI professionals. LinkedIn has reported that 5 out of 4 people are already interested in AI skills.

By 2030, 50% of professionals are required to understand AI technologies.

AI Skills for Job Security:

Companies are interested in talent with AI skills. Candidates are also looking for ways to empower their skills with the latest technologies.

AI is the biggest change in technology. It is productive, responsive, and responsible.

Not only SEO professionals but professionals from every industry can learn AI skills to add more quality to their resumes.

Takeaways for SEO Professionals:

LinkedIn AI Courses for SEO Professionals:

  • Learn AI fundamentals with the “Building AI Literacy” course.
  • Learn the benefits of responsible AI with the “Responsible AI Foundations” course.
  • Learn prompt engineering with the “Develop Your Prompt Engineering Skills” course.
  • Learn how to build AI apps with the “Hands-On Projects for OpenAI-Powered Apps” course.

Benefits of AI Skills:

  • Companies are interested in candidates with AI literacy.
  • Empower resume with AO skills.
  • AI literacy helps in employee retention.
  • Learning AI skills will help in the future.

Prompt Engineering and SEO:

While it is best not to use AI SEO tools for writing content, the best use of AI SEO tools is to find content suggestions, research new topics, and find supporting content.

  • Prompt engineering saves time in research.
  • Prompts help in finding topic ideas.
  • The prompt can help in finding quality results.


LinkedIn’s 250 AI courses are free but only for a few weeks. So don’t be late. Start your AI skills journey today with LinkedIn AI courses.

Even when the AI courses are not free, it is still worth learning AI technologies, how they work, and how you can use them.

Do you want to learn AI skills?

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