April 26, 2024

14 Content Marketing Platforms in 2024

Content is the king, queen, and influencer. Power up your content marketing in 2024 with the most valuable content marketing tools. Content marketing is the way to expand the reach of your content. The better your strategy is, the more effective your reach will be.

Every blogger and business should invest money in content marketing. Leveraging content marketing platforms is an easy way to improve content marketing.

14 Content Marketing Platforms for 2024: eAskme
14 Content Marketing Platforms in 2024: eAskme


73% of marketers are using content marketing platforms to grow their influence. The content marketing industry will be worth $600 billion by the end of 2024.

What is a Content Marketing Platform?

A content marketing platform is a software or app that helps marketers streamline the process of content creation and marketing.

Each content marketing platform offers some standard and unique features, such as content calendars, integration tools, analytics, content collaboration tools, marketing tools, etc.

With the help of a content marketing platform, marketers can plan a content strategy, create helpful content, publish it, and market it to expand its reach.

If you are new to content marketing platforms, then you may ask why do I need to use them.

Here are the reasons and benefits.

Benefits of Content Marketing Platform:

Content management:

Content management is a big issue for bloggers and small—to mid-size businesses. They have limited resources to invest in time. A content marketing platform offers a content management solution to organize a content marketing calendar.

It streamlines the process of content creation, publishing, and marketing.

Content Collaboration:

Content collaboration tools are an essential feature of most content marketing platforms. With the collaboration feature, you can ask subject matter experts to collaborate with you when writing a new content piece.

Content collaboration with SMEs is also a great way to boost content quality.

Content Distribution:

The main reason to use the content marketing platform is to market your content. You can easily integrate email marketing, social media platforms, PR sites, and other channels to market your content without leaving the platform.

One-click content marketing makes content marketing platforms popular.

Insights and Analytics:

Content performance is the only way to check if your strategies are effective. With a content marketing platform, you can analyze the performance of your content. You can use in-built analytic tools to track content performance. You can track real-time performance.

Here are the most popular content marketing tools for marketers and writers.

1. Brand24:

Michał Sadowski, Piotr Wierzejewski, Karol Wnukiewicz and Dawid Szymański founded Brand24 in 2011.

Brand24 is a content platform for protecting brand reputation. It allows you to monitor brand mentions, analyze user sentiments, and create reports for your marketing team.

Brand24 monitors brand mention on 25,000,000+ online sources. Real-time brand monitoring is its main feature.

You can also learn social listening to monitor brand presence.

2. Brafton:

Thomas Agnew founded Brafton in 2008.

Brafton content marketing platform offers marketers a smart marketing solution. You can plan your content, produce it, publish it, and analyze its performance.

Brafton offers Content for SEO, Blogging, Copywriting, Article writing, and business copywriting services.

You can use Brafton for SEO content writing, web design, graphic design, video production, email writing, etc.

3. BuzzSumo:

Henley Wing and James Blackwell founded Buzzsumo, a platform for finding the buzz around any topic.

Buzzsumo offers a unique set of features to help you find topics, do keyword research, influence social media, and monitor content performance.

Buzzsumo Chrome Extension helps marketers research content.

Buzzsumo's most popular features are:

  • Content discovery to find content ideas.
  • Content research to find helpful content.
  • Find Influencers to market your content.
  • Monitoring to analyze content performance.
  • Chrome extension to research content.
  • API to automate the process.

4. Clearvoice:

Jay Swanson and Joe Griffin founded Clearvoice in 2014. It is a content creation platform. Clearvoice is a premium content platform that allows you to get expert content written for your website or blogs.

Cleavoice features:

  • SEO Content strategy services
  • Social Media Snippets
  • Email Snippets
  • Illustrations
  • Stock Photography
  • Interviews

5. Coschedule:

Garrett Moon and Justin Walsh founded CoSchedule in 2013. It is helping 200,000+ marketers.

Social Calendar is a feature for creating, publishing, scheduling, and measuring your business or brand's social presence.

With Content Calendar, you can view your projects, tasks, and campaigns.

CoSchedule Marketing Suite offers everything that you need for marketing projects.

6. Contently:

Joe Coleman, Shane Snow, and Dave Goldberg founded Contently in 2011. It is a leading content marketing platform.

With Contently, you can schedule your content distribution. Choose a date and time to share content on multiple platforms. With a premium subscription, you get access to the creative network.

Contently Creative Network is a premium platform for writers and marketers. Its writers come from top publications such as Wired, The Financial Times, The New Yorker, etc.

Contently suggests which topics are most relevant to your audience. Based on your content tone and voice, you will receive SEO recommendations.

7. Exploding Topics:

In December 2019, Brain Dean and Josh Howarth founded Exploding Topics. It is a powerful content marketing platform with a set of tools to empower the content creation process.

Exploding Topics algorithms collect user data to display the exploding topics and niches in every industry. You can add your topic to find the growth percentage.

It is an easy way to find out if the topic has real value for the users. Every time you go to write a new blog post, check the idea using Exploding Topics.

8. HubSpot:

Dharmesh Shah and Brian Halligan founded HubSpot in 2006.

HubSpot is a premium platform for content creation, publishing, optimization, social media management, and email marketing. Hubspot content hub and marketing hub help marketers improve content reach.

9. OutBrain:

Yaron Galai and Ori Lahav founded OutBrain in 2006. It is a leading content marketing platform where advertisers connect with publishers.

Outbrain market content using recommendations on other sites. Outbrain serves content recommendations in 50+ countries. It publishes more than 344 billion recommendations every month.

You can set up an Outbrain campaign with a budget of $0.03 CPC or $20/campaign.

Content marketers can choose native ads or contextual ads to market content.

10. Patreon:

Jack Conte and Sam Yam founded Patreon in May 2013. It is a membership-based platform with a premium subscription.

Patreon helps content creators make money by writing helpful content. Content creators, artists, musicians, writers, and podcasters are already using the platform.

If you want to make money writing without a blog, then Patreon is the platform for you.

You can start as a free member and later move to their Pro or Premium plans.

11. Scoop It:

Scoop It is a content management platform. Guillaume Decugis and Marc Rougier founded it as Goojet in 2007.

ScoopIT uses social networks and websites to crawl content. Submit your content on Scoop IT and share it on multiple social networks. Users can also reshare your content. It is a content curation platform to submit and share content.

Content curation is playing a crucial role in making your content discoverable.

12. SEMRush:

Oleg Shchegolev and Dmitry Melnikov founded SEMRush in 2008. SEMRush is an SEO and content marketing platform.

With the SEMRush premium plan, you get access to "Content Marketing" tools such as:

13. StoryChief:

Valeri Potchekailov founded StoryChief in 2017. It offers everything from content planning, collaboration, publishing, and reporting.

StoryChief is a platform for seamless content creation and easy collaborations. You can also generate content strategy.

Storychief features:

  • Content Calendar
  • Social Media Manager
  • AI Power Mode
  • Multi-Channel Marketing
  • SEO Copywriting
  • Employee Advocacy

14. Uberflip:

Uberflip is a personalized content distribution platform. Yoav Schwartz founded Uberflip in 2008.

It is a platform for content marketers to personalize content and manage content. It offers account-based marketing.

You can use multiple integrations to boost content reach and performance.


Content marketing is a must for your business. The more you invest in effective content marketing platforms, tools, and creators, the better results you will get. Effective content strategy is necessary for the success of an online business, blog, or website.

There are hundreds of content marketing platforms. I have listed the best and most used platforms for you.
So dive into the best content marketing platform to empower your marketing strategy.

Do you have a question? Ask me.

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