May 17, 2024

OpenAI-Reddit Partnership: Reddit Content in ChatGPT Results

After Reddit and Google collaborated, Reddit found another collaboration with OpenAI. The OpenAI-Reddit collaboration allows ChatGPT to use Reddit content in results. Even though Reddit is making high-end collaborations, the expert community is worried about the concerns about UGC content.

OpenAI is known for using open-source content or content available on the internet to train its datasets. Now, OpenAI’s collaboration with Reddit helps ChatGPT produce results using Reddit content.

OpenAI published announcement on 16th May, 2024. It will use Reddit’s API, Data, and comments to provide real-time results.

OpenAI’s access to Reddit data can raise authentication worries as not every user-generated content is valid.

Reddit OpenAI Collaboration: eAskme

Expert Community’s Concern Over Accuracy:

Reddit is a platform where user-generated content shines. Google’s partnership allowed Reddit content to rank higher in search results, but experts are already back-lashing this strategy.

Now, OpenAI is following the same path.

OpenAI will use Reddit content in real time to empower ChatGPT, which will use Reddit data to produce real-time results.

Reddit is a platform for experts and inexperienced users. Most users have no experience. Lack of subject matter expert content causes issues like accuracy, relevancy, etc.

Reddit’s policy is also against the commercial use of Reddit content. But the partnerships say otherwise.

Public Content Policy and a New Subreddit for Researchers

What will be the Impact?

OpenAI’s collaboration with Reddit can impact the results generated by AI tools. ChatGPT and other OpenAI tools will access Reddit discussions to create real-time content.

It will impact ChatGPT’s performance as some non-relevant data will be a part of every discussion.
Will OpenAI detect and remove non-experienced content from its results? This question will soon be answered.

Why Reddit Content Raises Eyebrows?

Reddit content is user-generated content. Most of it is shared by inexperienced users. UGC content often needs more credibility, accuracy, and facts. Experts worry that Reddit content in ChatGPT will increase misleading results.

What’s Coming Next?

Reddit content in generative AI tools like ChatGPT can cause misleading results. It is best to check every piece of content or fact-check content from AI tools like Gemini, OpenAI, or Bing Chat.


Reddit is the biggest platform for user-generated content. It has discussions on every topic, and subreddits are the way to access these discussions. Integrating Reddit content in ChatGPT will produce real-time data but with concerns like accuracy and relevance.

As I already mentioned, Marketers should not rely on AI-generated content. It is always best to check all content for accuracy and facts.

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