May 14, 2024

OpenAI launched GPT-4o Omni

OpenAI launched GPT-4o Omni, a new GPT that works in real-time with audio, images, and text. The new GPT accepts and generates text, photos, and audio results. The new name of GPT-4o Omni indicates that it agrees to and delivers everything.

There were speculations about OpenAI using real-time data to deliver results.

GPT-4o Omni: eAskme
GPT-4o Omni: eAskme

GPT-4o (Omni):

OpenAI GPT-4o Omni is the latest version, released on 13th May 2024. With the new GPT omni, OpenAI is targeting improved results with both machine and human interactions. With the new GPT, it is possible to deliver results as fast as human interactions. GPT-4o Omni is a turbocharged version of older GPTs. It also performs better than ChatGPT 4 Turbo.

The OpenAI team has improved large language models and GPT API. The new format has increased the generative AI speed by 50%.

GPT-4o (Omni) takes 232 milliseconds to respond to audio. It is similar to human response time.
The earlier version of GPT 3.5 took 5.4 seconds to respond.

GPT-4o (Omni) is a trained OpenAI model with audio, video, and text, inputs, and outputs.

All-in-One AI:

GPT-4o (Omni) has clubbed the multiple GPT options, such as GPT 3.5 and GPT4. It also allows different content formats, such as text, images, and audio, in one single GPT. Input and outputs are possible in one go.

GPT4 needed to gain more information. It was also not the best GPT to process voice and audio impressions.

With GPT-4o (Omni), OpenAI has clubbed the features of three different GPTs into one. Even now, OpenAI is testing the features and capabilities of this new GPT.

GPT-4o (Omni) limited release:

GPT-4o (Omni) was released with text and image inputs only. Audio features will be accessible with the Alpha release of ChatGPT Plus API.

Who can access GPT-4o (Omni)?

Every free and premium ChatGPT user can access GPT-4o (Omni). ChatGPT Plus users will get a 5 times faster response with GPT-4o (Omni).


GPT-4o (Omni) is an all-in-one AI that covers text, images, and audio. Faster input and output capabilities make it 50% less expensive than other versions. OpenAI is still exploring the capabilities of GPT-4o (Omni).

Here is the official announcement.

In the coming days, weeks, and months, there will be more updates on GPT-4o (Omni).

Stay tuned for more updates.

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GPT-4o (Omni) FAQs:

What is GPT-4o Omni?

GPT-4o Omni is a multi-dimensional or all-in-one AI from OpenAI. It supports text, images, and audio inputs and outputs.

Is GPT-4o Omni Expensive?

GPT-4o Omni is 50% less expensive than its predecessors.

Is GPT-4o Omni free?

GPT-4o Omni is available for both free and premium users.

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