May 08, 2024

LinkedIn Work Trend Index Annual Report: AI Skills Now Must-Have for Marketers

Microsoft and LinkedIn published the 2024 Work Trend Index Annual Report. Report reveals that demand for AI skills in increasing. Marketers must have AI skills to grow their careers. Employers are also interested in hiring candidates with AI skills.

It is a must to learn AI prompts and tools. Use AI skills to upgrade your marketing career.

Microsoft and LinkedIn report published a survey report of 31,000 people from 31 countries. Marketing with AI is the new strategy for growth.

LinkedIn Report: AI Skills Now Must-Have for Marketers: eAskme
LinkedIn Report: AI Skills Now Must-Have for Marketers: eAskme


Since the origin of ChatGPT, marketers have been exploring ways to harness the power of AI in marketing campaigns. Google, Microsoft, ChatGPT, and other AI technologies are offering SEO and marketing tools.

AI Aptitude in Marketing:

Hiring managers are looking for candidates with AI skills. 75% of workers are using AI. 46% growth in the number of candidates learning AI technologies. 90% of professionals are using AI to save time. 84% are using it to be creative, and 83% are using it to improve work efficiency.

71% of employers are more interested in freshers with AI skills than experience without AI skills.

77% of experts revealed that employees with AI skills will get better opportunities than those who do not have AI in their resume.

AI for Marketing Professionals:

Job listings with AI skills have 17% more candidates than those that don’t have AI. 54% of freshers are looking for AI technologies in jobs.

Why It is Important?

AI is becoming a part of every job listing. There is a growth in the number of AI requirements and job searches.

AI in marketing is becoming a necessary skill. Not only in marketing but in every career opportunity, candidates with AI skills are getting preference. Companies are developing AI culture to save time and become productive.

How AI Skills Can Help Marketers?

According to the 2024 Work Trend Index Annual Report, marketers should do the following:
Join AI courses, training programs, webinars, etc.

  • Get hands-on experience with popular AI tools.
  • Learn prompt engineering.
  • Highlight AI skills in the job profile.
  • Look for jobs with AI skills.


AI skills the needed in future job options. Businesses are rapidly accepting AI in their systems. AI professionals can easily fulfill business requirements with AI tools.

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