June 06, 2024

Is 301 Redirect a Google Ranking Factor or Not?

Have you ever redirected URLs? Do you use 301 redirects? Can 301 redirect influence rankings?
These are the questions that I am answering today.

Webmasters and marketers are using 301 redirects. Let's understand everything about 301 redirects.

Is 301 Redirect a Google Ranking Factor or not?: eAskme
Is 301 Redirect a Google Ranking Factor or not?: eAskme

301 Redirects:

301 redirects play an important role when you are changing the post URL or moving an old post to a new URL. They connect the old page to the new page instantly. This connection is so fast that users do not notice any delay. It is pretty effective in creating a fantastic user experience.

301 redirect is the way to redirect the old URL to the new URL permanently.

The first thing you need to understand is that Google cares about user experience, and 301 redirects play an important role in maintaining it.

Yet, there is the question of whether ether 301 redirects impact Google Ranking. If yes, then how? What is the connection between Google ranking and 301 redirects?

Claim: 301 Redirect is a Google Ranking Factor

SEOs and webmasters use 301 redirects when:

  • Moving from HTTP version to HTTPS.
  • Changing URL structure.
  • Moving to a new domain.
  • Changing web hosting platform.

The reason why a blogger or webmaster is using 301 redirects is to pass link juice to new URLs.

In other words, backlinks on the old URL will pass link juice to the new URL.

But is it the right strategy? Let's find out.

301 Redirects not a Google Ranking Factor Yet Important:

We came along from the beginning of SEO. 301 redirects and its importance also changed with time.
In 2012, Matt Cutts said that Google can follow unlimited redirects. In 2020, John Muller said that Google considered multiple factors, including 301 redirects, for canonicalization.

In 2021, Google made it clear in SEO documentation that the best strategy is to change URLs on the server side. 301 redirects or 302 redirects do not impact SEO ranking.

Conclusion: 301 Redirect is Not a Direct Google Ranking Factor

 301 Redirect is more about creating user experience than influencing search ranking. The presence of 301 redirects makes sure that users and Google can find the best URL to read and crawl.

There is no way that 301 redirect impacts your ranking. Also use other canonical strategies to tell Google which URL is the best.

301 redirects are still important to ensure that users do not land on a dead or broken page. Use redirects carefully to avoid any loss of traffic.

Google ranking is still essential for bloggers as Google is a dominating power in the search industry. Your redirects not only help Google find the best pages but also help other search engines, like Bing, DuckDuckGo, etc., to crawl your website and index the correct pages.

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