June 06, 2024

Is Alt Text a Google Image Search Ranking Factor or Not?

Have you ever used Alt Text? Are you trying to rank in Google Image Search? Do you use alt text to influence organic ranking? Can Alt text influence rankings?

These are the questions that I am answering today.

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Is Alt Text a Google Image Search Ranking Factor or not?: eAskme
Is Alt Text a Google Image Search Ranking Factor or not?: eAskme

ALT Text:

ALT text is there to help search engines read images and find their relevance.

Alt text is a serious part of image optimization. SEOs use keywords in the alt text to improve their rankings in Google image searches.

But can Alt text influence organic ranking? Is it helpful in ranking in Google image search?

Let’s find out if there is a connection between the Google Image Search ranking and Alt text.

Claim: ALT Text is a Google Ranking Factor

Alt text is a way to write HTML attributes for images. It works as alternative text for images and is even helpful when your image does not load due to an error.

To rank in Google Image search, it is essential to use Alt text.

Evidence: ALT Text Is a Google Image Search Ranking Factor

I have tested multiple variations of alt text and find out that it influences search ranking in both Good and bad ways.

Optimizing alt text without keyword stuffing is crucial. Only use relevant words or sentences that describe your image in the alt text. The best practice is to use one keyword in one image.

Also, do not use too many images in your content that overlap the reader’s experience. Too many images also affect the page load speed.

Google image document also explains the use of Alt text to help machines understand what the image is about.

While best image optimization practices can improve Google image search ranking, too much alt text can negatively impact your rankings.

For example, if your image is about the computer, then write “computer” in Alt text. Do not use every brand name in your alt text.

If you are using stock images, remove the preexisting text, as it can be irrelevant to your content. Google considers alt text to be the anchor text for images.

Jon Muller said that Google uses alt text for images to understand the relevance.

Moz alt text guide also explains Alt text as a ranking factor.

Google developers have also explained that alt text is an essential part of image SEO.

In other words, alt text is important. It can influence your Google search ranking in good or bad ways.

Conclusion: Alt Text is a Google Image Search Ranking Factor

It is proved that image search is considering Alt text. Alt text is an influential tool for Google image search. You must use alt text in your website to optimize images for search engines.

Alt text works as part of your content. It is not a separate ranking factor. Yet, it is influential as it helps search engines read images.

Use Alt text to improve SEO. Do not overdo it. Stop using too many keywords. And, if you do not want to rank in Google Image search, then alt text is not for you.

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